Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


alright, what is it that I need to know at this time? anything blocking my ascent? anything upcoming magickally?


“You need to focus on yourself. Ascension is determined when you understand the powers you have. It comes from a deep understanding of who you are and what you want to become. Your powers grow as you grow. Your abilities shape as you shape them. The reality of yourself is yours alone. Take in stride and be who you are.” I received this from a female voice as I focused on you.

I see you in the center of a circle, many paths are visible around you. Each path shows a different way to go and something new to look into. You scan each one and then you sit down and begin meditating, attempting to understand what you must do.
The decision is clear for you but still requires thought.


anything specific for you?


Just a general reading. Anything you get is good.


angel with silver hair and purple and silver eyes.


Interesting. Thank you.


Trade scan?


Trade anyone?


Im down.


Sounds good @Mr.Vulture


Whatever you see is good.


I see a large green dragon with big wings and a crystal blue eyes.
“I am the guardian spirit who protects this one.” The dragon says this to me in a male voice.

I see you with black wings and an aura of darkness that sticks to your body but yet is a vortex of energy that distorts my view of your astral body. Your eyes also appear solid black to me.
You wield great power by yourself alone.


One thing, have you noticed any particular widely known spirits/demons, be it noted here or in a book around me? I ask because I pick up a lot of eyes around me as I can be sensitive every now and then


I see a female spirit around you. It took me a while to figure out who it was but apparently she is a child of Azrael the angel of death. So she has an energy like that of a Death angel. But don’t be alarmed she is harmless (seriously she is).

Lucifer is around you; Abaddon and Beelzebub as well.

That’s what i got @Mr.Vulture


I see a death god around you. As well as the angel from last night.

I see your aura as a shimmering blue. Baby and royal blue specifically.


Interesting, thank you @Mr.Vulture


All of this was correct.


I was burning mugwort and Jasmine this time.


Scan trade with anyone???


Sure, let me know once you are up for it.