Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I see you with white wings and a silky pink aura. Your eyes are blue and you have long blonde hair.

I see the ocean. There is a beach. Now i see you commanding the ocean water. You seem to be connected to the water in some way.


I see you with black eyes. Black wings, and a dark aura. It seems you now have a darker energy than before.
But i am seeing a red crackling energy around you. It is very potent and quite powerful.

“The future holds with it the realms of reality that will be known to help in the end. Understand that futility will come with work and effort of work. You will succeed in the end but you will become something great.” A female voice said this when i focused on you.

I am seeing that you might be starting to get into a relationship with someone in the future.

(I apologize if i might be a little rusty on this reading).



Alrighty… Any description there?


pointlessness or uselessness is what Futility means.
So that is odd :thinking:

Let me look into the relationship thing.


It doesn’t really make sense.


Trade? @FantomGirl


Sure @Xever


It seemed like a romantic relationship.
Someone will catch your eye and vice versa.

Sorry not much description besides that.


And the futility thing


I had just woken up when i gave you that reading… But the futility thing could be a misinterpretation of what was actually being said. (So maybe it was me and how i received the words).

But it is still odd to say the least.


@FantomGirl Your energies seem to be flowing quite beautifully… I saw your energy as a pool of water just brushing across my face. :relieved:
I then see you approaching me smiling with such joy to see me… I grab your hand as we walk through an enormous light that you previously walked out of…
We enter and that version of you vanishes and I am presented with a larger version of you but more dark… You seemed bored. But I couldn’t tell why as you ignored me face rested upon your fist looking out into the beyond… Pondering.
I would like to mention this light I passed through was the gateway to your realm and it was massive it reminds me of what the ‘underworld’ would probably look. But in the center of it all was u obviously sitting within your throne.


Very interesting @Xever
I will read you now.


I see you with black wings. You have a darkish aura. I get the sense that the element of air is close to you; but maybe it was fire.
You smile at me while holding a ball of black energy in your hand. You lower your arm and let the energy dissipate into your arm. But the energy left a mark on your arm.


Perfect Perfect… Actually Im connected with fire, air, and water.
Air being my main element,
Hmm but that part about me putting this energy into my arm intrigues me.


Pm me?


I saw water first then fire and then air… When i first saw you. So damn. (I didn’t think i was seeing correctly though).


Trust me everything u see within a persons energy is most likely there…
Don’t doubt yourself @FantomGirl


Anyone want to trade?


raises hand


Sits in a meditative position

Ready @Mr.Vulture