Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Shit, now i have to get it done, it will be a bold statement for the world to see instead of just my sigils.


Really? Sweet; i hope it goes well.

I can’t wait to get a tattoo or maybe 20 tattoos. I suffice with a sharpie Azazel sigil on my body.


I have a lot to think about, part of that is in resolving the sadness that lies in my heart.

I just feel very sad when I think about the pains and sufferings that exists, in the world and in spiritual development.

I don’t want my mother to die as well…

People say this and that. Be this and that, but it doesn’t help. I just want a happy, peaceful life and for things to not feel so challenging and as if my life will forever be marked by periods of chaos. I just don’t want things to be too awful.

I know there’s more to this, but a scan into my inner being would be very appreciated, as well as some advice on your end.

I’ve been trying to find comfort within myself… but sometimes I’m just sad because even though I know to be grateful, I know that there are terrible existences where humanity suffers even more than in our Earth. I’m just afraid because even though I can try to make my own fate better, I can’t control the decisions of my past lives or my future lives. I don’t want to suffer for the decisions they make, and it makes me feel as though it’s out of people’s control what worlds they get to simply because of the random nature of the universe.

I don’t think letting go on it’s own is enough.

I wish this gets to you.


Is it possible for someone to scan who your past life was? If so could someone do that for me please?


What is a scan?


mind if i get a demon scan from some one?


@Nahual @Qayos would you like to trade


Your face slants forward. A human serpentine bone structure emerges from it. The scales are large with a forked tongue. Perhaps symbolic, indicative of your nature, or perhaps some shape-shifting. I ask my guides to tell me about you. They reply “Soothsayer” quite interesting.
In the future I see you working with the universe, doing magicks on a large scale. No longer the microverse but the macroverse.
If you know what your goals are I recommend applying them to universal magicks.
If you are unsure, meditate and call upon the power that lies between your heart and solar plexus chakra.


I get a airy-feiry feeling from you. I see an eagle flying over a valley. Indicative of exploring and the like. There doesn’t seem to be a lot going on around you that needs to be expressed.


@FantomGirl would you like to trade


Sure @Mr.Vulture


Wanna scan me mom?


Lol… Me? :wink:


Alright, a lot has changed about me, if you could target those changes + any upcoming events you forsee?

Yours will come shortly


Let me look into it.


I see you in your bedroom. There are butterflies fluttering everywhere.
You place a ring on your finger with the word “change” engraved upon the ring. I’ll show you which finger in a sec.


Sorry just a bit busy right now. Give me 30 minutes for both of you… @Mr.Vulture and @Tattersail


Take your time.


I’m at work anyways.


dw take your time