Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Thanks Dearest FantomGirl, please how is scan done, could you teach me.


Jumping in here.

Random reading.


Simply sit in a comfortable place and close your eyes and relax a bit. Then send your energy towards me through my name. Just focus intently on me.
Then just write down what you see, hear or feel from me.


A trade you mean?
I must have misinterpreted lol. My apologies if i did.


Thanks Dearest FantomGirl.


No problem.


#1. Its okay to feel like you are behind the 8 ball. Simply move out of the damn way. Youve been told this many times. How about listening?

#2. You have more going for you than you think. Look at your current situation, you have more than you give yourself credit for. Stop worrying so much, it isnt helping. Call on Asmoday again, you need to talk.

#3. Relax, you know who you are. Calm down, take a step back, reevaluate, and find the solution.


@FantomGirl An angel staring straight up at a boiling red sky, sword in hand, wings outstretched. Sheer determination on her face.
Black and red battle dress, red and white energy crackling around her.

These readings are really helping you, keep it up. -Random, kind voice in regards to you.


Random reading… Got it.


Thanks for the read.

Let me get to you.


No rush, take your time, I’m just stretching muscles.


@Siconyte I see you have black wings and white body and clothing. The image i see is in black and white. An energy of calm death surrounds you and is part of you.

“The prophecy claims for its own, relish in the words of these. For the ancient ones seek you.” I randomly heard this while i focused on you.

I also see in this same black and white form of yours that you wield a crackling black anf white energy from your hands and up your arms just a bit.
You seem at peace with yourself and in control.


Not bad.

Continuing my journey, even though i just lost my job, and my depression is trying to surface, im keeping it controlled and keeping a tight grip.

My job as a Priest of Hel has been made apparent.

A path regarding Cthulhu has been made visible. Though i haven’t begun to walk it. I can hear His growling as He sleeps, i just hope He doesnt expect worship…

I am in control, a white light path at home, the path of darkness at my Temple.


Alright coolio… And sort of un-coolio with depression and the job loss.

I hope you get through the hard times.

But i am glad i could help.


Interesting to say the least.
Many can relate me to an Angel.
But other wise quite true and the kind advice is appreciated.


Lucifer boarded my suicidal ideation up behind a wall of rage. I am keeping it there.




Anyone else want a scan, im willing and ready for a few more minutes.


Awesome tattoo idea! Lol


Lol @Siconyte perfect :ok_hand: idea.