Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Oh my i am standing in a misty baron (wintery) woods hands have fresh dirt … i feel horns in the temple area… they are growing. I see blood red roses every where… the woods are quite for you, all is calm… but my veins are pulsating… all is black now.


I have a very special project for someone with good senses. Anyone in?


Depends whatb it entails, let me know what you need. I am good at situation readings sometimes I just know stuff, not the best at finding out entieties round you unless I know them. But Im trying to be as accurate as possible in predictions etc. I would like a tarot reading in return, let me know if that sounds like a deal to you :wink:


Think you can find out the relationship between Apophis, Typhon and I?


Thank you for the reading.

Let me get to you in a sec.


I sensed friendship mixed with war and rivalry what that tells me is someone feels a bit betrayed in the relationship between the three of you but is willing to get past that and be friends again. Also you have a strange connection to Aphopis soul wise, strange in a good way, realted to your incarnation in this body I would say, Typhon respects you and is willing to work with you, respects your work ethic and commitment but I wouldn’t say he’s your number 1 fan when it comes to personality. Hope this is what you asked for. Let me know if it feels like it’s any good.


Mind giving me a scan?

I’m working on yours now


Sure Micah would be my pleasure :wink:


Like a godform?

I was thinking that entire reading earlier too!
What would you like me to read?



Your Soul is very bright, as if its like a eerie grayscale light.
You float about as an orb in Noir style scenery. I hear Jazz music and uptown life in the background. You seem to be reminiscing about “a better life” or taking a walk down memory lane.

Remember, Godhood is here not in the past. Stay present, but remember nothing is certain…not even the past, therefore it’s changeable


If you dont mind :wink: i get a sense that a godform is sort of right but not all the way, Im not sure 100% but I believe it falls under a sub category


Return read when you can


Thank you! Very interesting stuff! I do that as we speak, thinking on a way to improve my life and actually doing it rather than daydreaming as I tend to do which brings no results.

Your scan:

You have contempt for something in your life rn, you seem a bit down relates to another person, i see you surrounded by family members, its like a person in a zombie movie with zombies all around them closing in on you but you look past them and toward a hound of some sort thats behind them you call it and it comes pushing through the crowd, the stakes are reversed now and they know it. You smile as the hound broght peace to the situation just by being there when you needed it, everyone suddenly smiles and the fear on their faces dissappears, they pet it. You than call on a dragon which appears in seconds to everyones astonishment and you jump on its back and fly off. If you need a read on anything more specific let me know.


I appreciate it man
The hound seems awfully familiar :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
Any names?


It could be either Hecates literal hell hound (I heard they are incredibly powerfull) or metaphor for the spirits you call for help. I cant sense a clear answer tho.


I see the thralls from the hive on destiny 2.

I suggest summoning Svathun. if youre into chaos magick


Anyone mind giving me a reading? I’ve never done this before and it sounds interesting.


@God please let me know what you would like answered


@Nahual if youd like I have spare time, would you like to trade


Oh sorry missed that part! Could you please find out the events that are about to unfold in my life right now, Im talking very near future. Thanks so much!