Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


All I can “feel” in the since you mentioned is green energy.

I am not as energetic as I was when I originally posted that went away about 5 mins after saying it that’s when I get the best reads


Thanks for the read


Thanks for the reading.
Here is yours;

I see fire, red and orange, flowing and ebbing. You are within the fire commanding it with your hands and you look wild and fierce with the fiery fury that true fire holds. You grow two black horns and you have black hair. Your wings (black) are scorched from the fire and they are golden in color now.
You raise the fire up with your hands and send all of it at me.
I simple warp the fire to go around me.
You keep this fire up for a long time until i say, “How long is this going to be.”
With that i see you through the fire and i see you lowering your arms which also subsides the fire.
You look at me and say, “I like fire.”
I laugh (seriously i do).
You give me a little grin and send me away.


Which book would you recommend the most from Castenada? I treat advice and recommendations seriously :smile:


Honestly a little scan cant hurt you can scan me if ya want.


Anyone can scan me?


Is anyone available to trade?


I am, again haha


What kind of read would you prefer?


general. whatever you feel pushed to read. I did something very important tonight. I’m wondering if you can sense it too


The hidden but seen.
Chaos is what I feel. I large wand of fire, a snake of black and white coils around it. In the background of the image I see Nemesis, holding a blade when swung shifts the physics of the surrounding area.


the wand of fire might be accurate, let me look into it. one moment


sounds like angry me.


but its similar to the advice I was given, which is to calm down and not be pissy


I felt a presence, and saw a young man with snakes coiling around his arms. Intriguing.




Trade? anyone


The man maybe my answer will i be judged well at the end. All of this is out of love for my family. You saw me.


Anyone want to trade?