Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I see a black bunny almost got into a bear trap but he succesfully dodge it, but the panther behind him got trapped.

For no real reason I sense something coming for you and its not gonna be pretty and would get in the way of your working right now


I see a giant egg guarded by beautiful doves. Then suddenly a hunter came and eat the doves and hatched the egg. Hundred of snakes come out from the shell and eat the man and fused into a dragon of green wings


Thank you. I have protections. I won’t hurt me.


Interesting lol I wonder what that means… Anyways here’s what I saw of you

It started with you in a huge store full of fabrics, you were arguing with someone, alot like a guardian let’s say… I heard you say “it’s not worth it”… I went closer and saw some resemblance of a snake on you, I feel this a cold to the bone type energy coming out… I sense that you are hiding something from someone and that the person wants to know as they are suspicious… Your aura seems bright purple to me…tell me if I got any of it correct


Brother, Need a scan, If U can give me one will really appreciate it. Currently have nothing to trade.


If you could, I would just like for you to respond to my most post I sent you in pm days ago and share what you lnow in relation to that.



I see you are lonely, in darkness, and something seems to taunt you, your personal demons.

I see a woman. You appear to have brownish skin and are fairly young. She will be entering into your life, and you will feel better.

I also feel as though you should know that you are always in control of your own ascent, and nobody has control over you. You should always choose to guide the direction of your life in the way you want. Your own direction is your own.

I also see that you don’t have a master, and this feeling of needing to be taught is blocking you. You don’t need one.

As a solution, I see you scribbling a sigil and a talisman for your own spirit of knowledge, this spirit of knowledge exists beyond any world system. It is within you, and will guide you. Those are the words that came to me as I thought about this spirit.

In truth, it is a part of yourself.


@Goku feedback please


Can I get a scan please <3


Wait few hours brother. will reply at lenth


trade anyone?


To the reading and my questions in pm? @Goku?


@Epsilon_The_Imperial may I trouble you for a scan? I’ve always been curious how these go!



well, I am pretty fair skinned . ANd Don’t think ever going to enjoy pleasure of flesh again. Too deep into RHP.

wil give u 20 out of 10 just cuz of this.

Glad 2 hear that. Thanks for going through the trouble for me.


I’ll trade ya :wink:

Youre in front of a japeaneese shrine praying. Shugara (?)answers the call, you look suprised, you ask her to polish your divinatory skills, she agrees and offers you an astral deck of tarot cards, theyre glowing with green energy, its a Classic Waite deck, but the faces of the people in there are swapped for people you know in real life (friends and family). You thank her and she asks you to train as often as you can to get good. From your aura I can tell you’ve been going through some difficulties lately but it also looks like you’re going through them with flying colours, everything is healing up nicely its quite clean, going back to the vision youre at a crossroads and you see a man in a brown hood he takes it off and his skin is pure black like space, he is bald and he has small horns, he smiles at you and you recognise him, he says "you’ve been doing really well Im proud. "

Thats about all that I have for you.

Since its all tarot related, could you do a general tarot reading for me? (Its ok if you dont feel like doing a tarot reading) And a quick aura scan wouldn’t hurt if its not too much trouble. Thank you! Let me know if my reading was accurate :wink:


Also if anyone else want to trade a scan let me know! I will log back in in about 8h!


OK sure! I scanned you and I saw this dark figure with a red trident walking towards some sort of a werewolf… The werewolf looking figure was on his knees (seemed like he was tryna apologise for something) I went closer and saw that there was some sort of guards around the dark figure it seemed like he was some sort of a king, the king spared the werewolf… Your aura seems dark green to me tell me if I got some of it right…


Oh wow for sure, im sure i will he able to decode it as the days go on but I have a theory. I promised i will do somerhing to marbas which I still didnt do (yet) so that might be it, guess Im the warewolf in this situation haha thank you.

I see a guy in front of his computer screen watching some sort of Anime, than a demon materialises behind him. The guy feels the shift in the room so he turn left than right but sees nothing. The demon lets out a chuckle. The guy seems paralised with fear but eventually slowly turns around to see the demon. Their eyes meet demon is still smiling. Eventually he says: You know what you should be doing right? The guy nods. The demon says good then dissipates. The guy starts looking through his drawers for a piece of paper with the sigil of lucifer on it and starts meditating. (Thats all I got, let me know if its any good) Your aura seems dark blue to me with a red outline. It has a nervous feel to it but also I can tell its grown in power a lot lately and its trying to process the excess into something productive.


Haha wow that’s a good one I don’t really tick with Lucifer I work with Beliel… Watching anime I’m not sure iv never really watched anime lol (I’m a Netflix kind of a guy) but I think its about how I should be studying for a important exam lol…


Haha yea I probably projected a little and the message got filtered through my own mind but you got the message :joy: