Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Can i get a scan please:)


May I get a scan please?


is it possible for someone to scan me to see if i am actually depressed?


If you do nothing but assess each other and nothing else, how do you expect to ever evolve? It’s like guys at the gym flexing for each other 80%/working out 20% instead of working out 99%/shower 1%.


Can anyone give me a entity scan? Specifically regarding Aphrodite


Hello friends. Would anyone like to try and scan me ? I have never had it done before and I am very interested after reading a lot of this thread.
Sadly I don’t know how to do a scan for someone else. I can and will try my best to do so though.
So if anyone wants to please comment back on here or you can message me. I would really appreciate it. Also, if not that’s okay too.


I will give you a cookie if you scan me hehe :heart:️:cookie: but honestly tho iv been going thru shit for the last 2 weeks a scan would be highly appreciated :heart:️:pray:


Trade scan?


Idk about you working with goddesses, but you have a lot of attachments on you. I don’t know if I’d kneel at her alter like that.


Are u still online? I can trade u.




I did saw a big bird, which was like a huge vulture, and which was In the corner and was never frightened and ready to fight with you or whoever challenging him or her.

I’m having some vibe that you working with lucifer or Lilith?

More I think it’s Lilith.


Trade anyone?


I’m not really sure what a scan is. Lol but I like the word free.


Sure, be advised that I’m going through some interesting stuff, so whatever you get off of my scan should be very, very interesting.

I see someone, a female I think, standing in front of a fake facade of a beautiful landscape. The landscape is drawn beautifully onto a sheet which is suspended on a brick wall. The woman is holding paints and Chalk in her hands and looking down, not in sadness, but maybe in contemplation.


I see what appears to be dabbling in something new and a bit more dark than usual. You’re looking for something very specific, some type of energy just out of reach. Almost the vibe of a hunter stepping through the woods at night. Give me a sec. Trying to dig deeper.
Yeah, not seeing why you’re looking for it, just feeling the focused looking. I’m not getting that it’s good for you (useful), more like a dangerous distraction that is just going to stay out of reach man.


I understand what you mean… I will look elsewhere then.


Let me get to you and @Siconyte soon.


I see you with black wings. Dark as fuck. You are lying om the ground with your head up and your upper body up. You have blood or black blood dripping from your mouth.
Looks as if you went through some shit but are strong and victorious. You look like you loved it… Nothing can hold you back.

You are at grave yard calling on the dead… From what i can see.

(Sorry if its off a bit… I am a little off my head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I am working with the Loa… Specifically Papa Legba. I feel like i should reevaluate who i work with and for what reason. So thank you.

Now onto your reading;
I see you as a being of darkness. You are very calm and your energy is very peaceful and tranquil.
I get the sense that you aren’t always like this and it seems you won’t be like this forever.

Shemyaza is a name i hear from you… So Satan.