Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Thank you @FantomGirl. :heart:


Can I have a scan please?
See if you can sence what’s around me :smirk:
Or what where my body needs healing~
Thank you :heart:


@arianna how are you?


I’m ok . Holding up. Thanks for checking on me. :slight_smile:


Wanna give me a scan? :grin:


Can you scan me please, I’m working on something and I want to see if you can sense it. Or… can you see where I need healing


Doing a Rune Working or something with your Heart Chakra to heal Emotionally?

Your Solar Plexus chakra needs some work. But past that you good.

I sense youre working in your third eye as well


Thank you :slight_smile:

I am learning the runes, I been accepting things in my life and letting shit go.
I am forming a layer of protection that’s inevitable by everyone but me. I’m still new to it so I’m just seeing how strong it I’d right now


Good shit man


Thats wild! Red Suit man…perhaps Lucifer?


Can you scan me for Hegel’s presence around me?

I want to know. Who is the best philosopher who has advanced the form of Science in the 21st century. Slavoj Zizek?


I’ll trade scan.



Hegel is around you (im getting a masculine energy, Angel/Spirit type, Green Aura, Planet of Venus, Servitor of Goddess Venus)

Name sounds Familiar :thinking:

And was that question adressed to me? Lol
For my Opinion?


No, for his opinion. Lol.



“It is Slavoj Zizek.”


I see you in a peaceful, verdant area meditating under a tree.

“I just want to be alone.”

“It is your destiny.”

A spirit comes from the tree.

“You’ve always wanted to do things your way, and there’s nothing wrong with that.” I got a smile.

I came back, and I saw your mountain rise out of lava, the impression I got was your own intellect building your empire. The earth crumbles around the area you’re sitting, but don’t overthink this.


Sweet :metal:
Reminds me of a tree spirit i contacted the other day :thinking:

Any messages from My Own Godself? :smiling_imp:


“Cool down Nigga.”


Hey guys can I have a scan please if that’s possible ?


Woooooowwwww :joy:
Very funny :joy: