Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Yes this is the man… @Zeinaa The snake and beautiful man I always see you with. The man covered in all black.


Anyone want to trade?


Did I ever return your reading? I feel as if I hadn’t?


@Angel_Of_Moths I’m not sure, i don’t think you did lol


I am so sorry! I was exhausted that day lol. Give me a moment.


Okay no problem


I see the color green and an odd spiral pattern. Healing and protection are gifts of yours along with divination. Goddesses Diana, Anu and Many would be good gods to look into in regards to yourself.

Also, songbird.


Could anyone connect me with Namath?


Up for a trade ?


If you can connect me with namaah :heart:


Solitude is where you’ll find yourself. I spent seven years alone. No dating, no sex. Just alone with myself. Long silences are peaceful. When you learn to be alone in your own world, the answers will start to come.
Attachments are distraction. Soulmates, of course are many, and meant to teach. Twin flames rarely ever meet. People live in a narrative that often doesn’t exist or won’t. It’s self defeating. It’s crucial to learn to deeply love yourself first and foremost to such a degree that the narrative slips away.
Don’t welcome insanity…embrace yourself and find yourself instead, so insanity, fear and searching can take a rest.


Scan trade everyone?






@arianna Sure… Anything in particular?


Not really just see what you get … don’t force anything just get a real feel


@arianna I saw a number of snakes on your body in the form of tattoos… You seem to have mastered some form of power.
I see you facing the moon utterly mesmerized, stuck in trance you started to chant and a symbol appears upon you forehead around your third eye chakra…
I hear Vepar, and Valac… I thought I heard Cthulhu but Im not sure.
I see emerging from a red rose that then turns black resembling your transformation, and accomplishment. Lucifer appears to you and greets you once you exit this rose.


Perfect , absolutely perfect.


Hey how are you doing :heart:


Im glad to hear it. @arianna
You mind giving me a scan?