Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


No I just wish to know whatever I can possibly get from a reading


If the name is possible then why not


I see a man coming on one direction and a woman coming from another direction…

Like one from the east and the other from west…

The two meet but between them I see a colorless energy barrier it’s coming from the tree beside them… The barrier prevent them from reaching to one another

But also i see a love sign…(that red heart they use to show as a sign of love) coming from a girl to a boy…

Its looks like she will be the first to like you…


About a name I see three letters S …L…M


@Akhtyahussein Can I get a scan back?


Trade Scan Anyone?


Anything in particular you want me to check…


Hmm :thinking:… Try and see if you can find anything… That I don’t already know.


Wow that was amazing I truly appreciate it


:joy::joy: try to say another things… I don’t get good response please


Well tell me who I am, How my energy looks to you, who I resemble?
Is that okay?


What you really don’t know…

I see an image of Christ carrying his cross… And he is going to be crucified.

To the death grounds…I


That’s something I already know… :joy: But Thank you. This is why I mostly just scan people only.


Yes, Sacrifice is the recurring word, always. It seems that the last thing I have left is just sanity. Perhaps that too, in the end I will have to give up. I was trying to figure out if I’m alone in all this, or if I have someone around, how I feel. That too, solitude, is a sacrifice, I know. I thank you from the bottom of my being. Even just having received an answer made me feel better, not invisible.


:joy::joy::joy: … Okay


You shouldn’t feel invisible nor that you shall lose your sanity… You are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for.
Try speaking with your guides. @DeaMadre


@wolfinsheepsskin mind scanning me now?! I’ll do ur return when I’m home


@Zeinaa what im I looking for?


See whatever u get … Who’s around me … Anything about future… Anything u get


@Zeinaa your scan from yesterday :slight_smile:

For some reason I instantly got the inage of an insect when I thought about you. It looked like a black butterfly. Then I saw the face of someone, it looked like this person was glaring and had hooded eyes. The background was black, and the person seemed to be blending in, so I couldn’t make out hair colour, skin tone, etc. Looked like this person had a perfectly defined nose though. I tried to find out who it was, but then the image of a snake came up.


I see a man but he appears to be covered in all black and wearing a suit… He grabs you and you run up so marble steps, getting ready to get married.
I see a baby born… A girl. I see a job promotion or maybe even just some sort of jump within your income.
Your aura is radiating blue it’s quite beautiful. I see you wearing all white and sitting in a lotus position… You seem at peace. :blush: