Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Mmm… I love that scan. I took on this form. So much power behind it and no one has reaped the benefits of it.
I will begin transforming into it more and more.
I will get to you in a second.


Your energy is very demonic and i feel it is at that point that you desire it to be.
But i can see you want more and more. (Within due time).

But you are becoming very dark and demonic in energy. Its peaceful for me to see you in this way.

You have black wings and red eyes. A black siloute of a body. Darkness radiating from you.


Hmm… :relieved: Everyday I become stronger… Become more of myself.


Glad to hear it.


But yeah… You’ve come along way since are very first encounter. :blush: I am very proud…


I am happy you are.
I am glad i have come this far… Soon i will be further along then ever.


Yes I can see this… Im coming along to that point as well! :relieved:


Glad you could take the ride along. But it’ll cost you a dollar.


Yes… I am aware. :joy: I have all the dollars I need set aside.


Lol alright just making sure you know :wink:


You have eyes like a hawk. I’m not totally going to say what I’m doing yet but you’re on the right track.

There was a man dressed in a crazy costume. It was like a clown from AHS ( the president one with the crazy masks ) he was standing by a river flowing of blood. He looks at his own reflection in the lake, his reflection stares back and smiles


I apologize for my impatience. I ask if anyone can read me, in a short time, I think I’m about to go crazy or something like that. I can not reciprocate, except with a sincere thank you from the heart.


Trade scan?


Anyone to give me a scan…


@Akhtyahussein I see a star beeming the night sky…
and only it, A blood moon begins to for and this star descends to the ground transforming into a massive wolf.
Your began to transform into a number of beasts as you calling upon the power if this blood moon.
Your aura appears Red, but also purple in color.
That is a subtle but strong combination… Your eyes are two different colors. The left is a blue and the right a green.
I also saw you as this massive wolf again walking along a lengthy river that was created from your drool. I saw this as you marking your territory, or create new beginnings or life ina way.


This is the scan I needed…

Thanks… Its completely accurate…


You seek unknown knowledge and power… Which with all things come with a price.
This price for or sacrifice for that matter is your mind.
It’s causing your to lose control, become mad in a way…
Now this is a good thing and a bad thing… Bad part is if you don’t take control of it you will slip and become this crazy,delusional person.
But if you don’t give up, have faith in yourself and capabilities… You will do fine.
All good things come with Sacrifice.


@Akhtyahussein Your Welcome. Glad I could help. :blush:


Guys is it possible that you give me information about the one I’m supposed to be with like soulmate or whatever you want to call it through scanning me ?


You want to know the name of your soulmate