Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


also i didn’t recognize it was you with the photo change omg


You have some damn fine and damn beautiful purple wings. They are feathery and really cool looking.
You stand there smiling and blushing at the same time. Looking down at the ground with your purple wings spread out.
You say, “Looking at my wings… There is a whole me to see.”
I walk up to you and give you a big hug and say, “I know.”

Your aura is blue in color from what i can see.


Let me see.


Lol its cool.


Satan, he is attempting to protect her but the spirit is hard to remove.

Seems like a spirit is around you that doesn’t want to go and is also not very positive.

Try doing a banishing of some sort.


makes sense since i’ve been feeling random pokes and proud that haven’t felt very nice.

I’ll do one later.

Anything in particular for you?


Focus on me and my power and energy.
Anything else is icing on the cake :relieved:


I see samhain, your avatar, leading a pack of warriors unto a firey lava landscape. In the horizon is a giant ice creature.

“ Making peace with ice and fire.”

He meditates, everything turns to ice yet he is an intense point of heat emitting a soft, strong glow.

Everything dissolves, and underneath the landscape the void js revealed. Fire is the self-division of the void, find peace within yourself and your fire increases.


Interesting. Thank you.


I’m working with the Critique of Pure Reason as a spirit in order to understand the book.

I’m thinking of working through philosophy itself in order to achieve an understanding of eternity through the golden light of intellect. I got a sign that golden lightning is related to this.

How do you see this progressing?




Honestly… I see success for you and with this endeavor.

Just keep pushing through it and you will do great.

(Sorry for the simple reading).




Your wings stay the same yellow color.
I get the feeling of children around you or at least you are closer to children at this moment.

Now i see Lucifer standing next to you. You two look good with each other. He takes you through a portal to his realm. You two sit on a throne in his realm. Its very nice there.


@FantomGirl i just did a channeling and my 3rd eye is killing me. give me a bit to rest and i’ll get yours.


No rush… I am patient for readings lol.
Not much else… Lmao :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@FantomGirl scan ?




Damn i see you with blue wings. A nordic feel to you. Rain and lightning around you.

I feel as if you are connected with the sort of energy that goes with rain and thunder.


I see a fiery landscape… I see this samhain aspect you have taken on. You oversee an enormous amount of beings who see you as a god like being.
You being chant and speaking in some sort of tongue…
You then transform into this gigantic demonic like creature, This is the god they perceive you as.
You bless them all… As they praise you, Give you offerings, and energy.
@FantomGirl Trade?!