Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


I’m seeing u struggling to get free from a collar on ur neck… Smth wrong wiz what ur doing …it’s just effects… Go back few steps and u will figure out how to get it right this time…

If u can scan plz do … If not np


@Zeinaa I’ll scan you tomorrow, need to sleep


Anyone want to trade?


again i ask, what kind of things can you scan while scanning someone? (sorry if this might sound rude to anyone its just that no one replied last time i asked.)


Your aura, godform, state of been, anything that can be scanned…you just name it!


so someone could scan my chakras and see which ones i should work on? i also wonder my first few scans were, they were like every other scan on here.


Yo can i get a scan?


Can I get a scan?


I seen a crow fly on this mans arm. The man was standing on a cliff and was silloate.
The crow starts to cry tears of blood, four hit the floor and purple smoke started to rise from the earth.
A man with a tiki face came from the smoke and spoke to me
" HAHAHAH, You come to the right place! Fire strong, burns like passion. "


No need to scan back unless you want.

I see dark black wings and a dark black body and dark black clothes. You are cloaked in darkness. But i banish the darkness enough to see your face.
You have beautiful Cocoa colored skin with red eyes. A wicked grin on your face.
You congratulate me on something…

“Mhmmhmm… Darkness. His emissary. Indubitably Micah. Tell him, watch out.” A male voice says this to me.


can someone scan my chakras and tell me which ones i should work on please?


Crown chakra… It looks nice and purple. I hear, “Strong, vibrant.”
Your third eye chakra looks okay but i believe it needs some work.
Your throat chakra looks good and healthy.
Your heart chakra is steong and vibrant. Green as ever.
Your solar plexus looks great.
Your sacral chakra is good.
But your root chakra looks a bit dim in energy.


ok thank you.




No problem.


Of course :smiling_imp:


Anyone wanna trade?


I see you in a autumn setting with trees and fall leaves all around you.
You radiate a red energy and you have two hidden blades that extend past your wrists and beyond your hands (a lot like assassins creed hidden blades).
Your wings are red. But you have blue eyes.

Seems as if you are attaining more power. (Good job).




@FantomGirl spirits around? good and bad?