Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Regarding energies, I think you need to work on the heart chakra and throat chakra, I don’t know what exactly it is, I guess energies are less or its not balanced(might be energy locked in any other chakras).

Regarding reading, I did saw a cave, went inside and I saw some spirit, I couldn’t distinguish by appearance either it was demon, angel or god.
I do sense Belial(his name popped out suddenly). I guess he is waiting for you.


Thank you godself1111
Upon doing your reading I saw a man in the cave with a wooden curly staff commanding what seem spirits of the Dead.
But what not able to make out much detail on his face let me know if your scan was inaccurate kind of sleep


I can’t decipher much of my reading, can you give another shot at it?


I saw tallish man who seem to be about 9 foot tall who i think was Abaddon. But i also a other entity but I wasn’t sure if has an angel or a god

I hope it’s accurate if not ill try again tomorrow when i had more sleep


@nohearth want to trade later?


Ill trade with. You tomorrow just need to get some reset im just really sleep.


Would Anyone Like To Trade?


Anyone want to trade


I’ll trade with you :slight_smile:


Alright, lets do it.


I sense that your aura is black. I kind of have the feeling that your energy is blocked, i can’t really access anything. I have the sense of feeling isolated or alone. Idk that’s just what I’m getting.


@Angel_Of_Moths I scanned u yst u saw it ?!


Like a chakra blockage or just unreadable?


I didn’t see it at least I don’t remember. I’ll scan you


Just unreadable


@Becca want to trade?!


Yeah :slight_smile:


Shiny yellow ur aura … Someone wiz Pink aura around u "spirit " I feel Aphrodite… I see new path opening for u it’ll change lots of things u seeking to reach… New life gonna be starting wiz broken heart but it’ll be successful after it takes it’s way to heal … Seeing u as queen of the north forest…


@Zeinaa chaotic torrents of red, black and blue. They mix and coagulate. Bolts of lightning. Pretty much a storm of colors.


Can I get a scan, please?