Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0


Yes, I spotted the flower she use during the whole process… It’s a whiteish flower with red tips.
I automatically knew what that meant.

Really Im happy to hear that… :blush:


Yes… Thank you.

An ancient path that is powerful beyond. I hope i can begin working with Lilith on the side… We will see.


Scan trade?


Im pretty sure you cann… @FantomGirl
You’re Welcome




@Godself1111 I see spongebob, You were him.
Repeatedly saying, “Im Ready!, Im Ready!, Im Ready!”
Don’t take that too literal.
You then melt and fall into the ground which now to me seemed like the underworld or what you see as hell, or the infernal realm. You look like a enormous bull like daemon. And simply just that… You kept mumbling in anger, and rage I couldn’t quite understand what you were saying.
It all then fades away and I hear Zepar, He wishes to help you and teach you. Call onto him…
Once you do that you shall be given your wings.
They were quite beautiful. Blueish/White wings.


@Godself1111 Are you trading back or did you just want a scan?


Nope I will scanning right now.




I did see you a entering palace, which has a big arc. When you are into palace, the path where you are going, I see a big infinity symbol.
I am sensing some demons around you, they are serving you and they are not from goetia.


Nice reading! :ok_hand:t3: @Godself1111


Was accurate?
I didn’t told about what I have sensed, according to my sensation, brother your energies are balanced and have lot of fire in it.


Yes 100 %… Accurate.
and yes thank you I knew about my chakras. :man_facepalming:


Trade scan ?


Can someone give me one?


Hello, I would appreciate a scan if anyone has time.




What. Type of scan would you ?
could you possibly scan my energy ?


I guess I can, but I can see what comes up when I send the energies.


What kind of scans are there?