Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0



For you, I feel that maybe Azazel and Belial are close to you. I see the colours black and a royal blue. I feel that you’re being pulled back from doing something, but I can’t get to the root of it. It’s almost like something’s influencing you.


Does anyone want to trade


I’m in … thanks for the advice, I found great things about the butterflies :blue_heart:


Someone close to u … Acting like a best friend… That person strapped u before and planning to do it again… U have to see it before it’s too late… That person already start transforming into a serpent "not literal " but like wiz i they mind plans


Anyone want to trade?


Can I have a scan please


Sure @OnionKnight


I see you with a black aura, black wings, and a black (darkness) form for a body.

“I seek the darkness within. It calls and breaths within. I seek it. I seek it…” You say this outloud but at the end you say it in a harsh whisper.

I hear Abadon’s name (sorry if i misspelled his name).


Thamk you for that!

I seen a person in a cage with blind spiky hair
" Let me out! " he yells and he bashes vis whole body on the cell door.
I seen this black spider land on the man shoulder. Ot whispered something in his ear and hit feet started fo glow. He pulled out a dagger from his side and carved a drawing in the sky. Money. Wealth. Are the two words I heard from the universe


Yeah no problem and thanks for the scan as well.


Scan Trade?


Ooo… Me!!!


Anything specific?


I see you with a black/darkness type body with red wings that change to a tannish color. Your aura is red from what i can see. Ooo and your eyes are red as well.

I am feeling a darker demonic energy from you. A feeling of power building up and almost to the point you crave.

Your chakras appear bright in color but concentrated in one location.


Just a regular scan and see what you get.


I am working on understanding philosophy, logic, and the intellect.

How do you see the relation of this to Golden Lightning? Scan trade.


Your aura appears a bright yellow…
I see you within a misty field chanting, Your eyes are completely white and rolled back.
I see rune symbols all around your head in red.
The undead start to come from underneath you, I see them as servents of yours… You are becoming quite powerful! :relieved:

Lilith, And Shadow working… you need to begin this.


Im glad you noticed… :relieved:


Thank you.
I have been trying to work in a certian path right now and i love it. I must speak with a spirit before i can contact Lilith for this… It seems you are second person who is saying Lilith is calling to me.


I am glad i did.