Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)

When scanning you:

First and foremost I got the name Belial. That was the first thing that came up.

I also got vibes similar to Leviathan (I hope I spelled it right) and a strong draconic energy feel (but I honestly think that particular vibe/energy comes from you). With a strong fiery feel/dark energy being strong.

Similar but I don’t think is actually Leviathan just noticed the similarity

I did see the image of a spider in the middle of a web, the spider was completely black. The spider didn’t feel malevolent at all more like helping “bring things together and holding them together as well”.

I do feel you have alot of support - not just from what you have done yourself but also allies and external support as well. I felt a strong defense.

Before ending the scan, I did get the word “ancestors”.

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Well read over mine, and let me know if you want me to continue or…

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That was a great scan @Mind_Seeker20 . Uh can I pm you a sigil I have of the entity, I was hoping you could tell me if it matched the almost Leviathan energy you picked up.
I do have a strong connection to Belial, my soul is draconic, my primary element are Dark, with a secondary in fire. I have been working with a spider goddess as well.
I have been working on my defense and my allies have been adding to it. They have been a major help lately.

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You want me to look further into the entity or something?

I have to go right now but maybe we could do another trade scan later OR if you want to pm then I can just help out.

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Can you pm me later please and thank you. I want to see if the energy signature matches what I have, if it does then I’ll ask you to look a bit further into it but it wont be difficult or anything. It should match if my hunch is right. Thank you. I’ll be sure to repay the favor.

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Hey sorry about that since you’ve been scanned already I don’t think repeating it would be appropriate.
But I feel you’re in the web of Sepheranz.in a good way one of her children maybe. You energy has a touch of chaos in it. You’re constantly seeking. Word of advise is you should journey within. Take time to ground yourself .


Hell hounds around you. Like familiars.i also go a serpentine feel from you. Something like a sea serpent. Gave out Tiamat vibes.
I sense you have human allies as well.

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Try working with abaddon

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Trade scan?

Trade anyone

I can scan when I get back, but interested in a scan .

Okay ready for a scan trade .