Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)

Scan trade anyone?

You are very welcome.

anyone around for a scanny scan? Can reciprocate!

Can I get an scan I really need it


Tell me what this looks like and what you think it is

Derpy as hell I know but I was finishing things up fast

I sense angelic substance. And death essence

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I was holding neither.

But you reek of death essence and you definitely work with angels

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I killed myself and was reborn, and I was

oh shit you were right

yeah no you were right

What about my heart chakra?

Palpating orange vortexy

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I am sad no one caught onto what I was doing :confused:

Does is involve creation of a servitor?

No. It’s a ritual to alter myself.

will someone scan me?
im going thrgouh bad shit, and i wanna practice scaning again

How do I feel?

I’d like a scan of my Mother if possible. I’ll scan you back!

I haven’t had a lot of experiance with scans though I gave it a try anyway. I did a scan for your mother from the head down and was stopped around the heart area. I don’t know what that means to you if anything. It could be a blockage it in the heart chakra but I don’t want to do too much speculating. @void

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That’s pretty accurate! Thanks.

For you I see intertwined black and gold flames, spiraling around you and into your third eye with you becoming one with the flames. Also got glimpses of a vast ocean? Lmk if this is accurate!

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@void That fits with what I’ve been going through and cultivating. I work with balancing quite a lot and have reached a level where I am conscioiusly merged with the sea of milk/the primordial ocean. Thank you! That seems like a very beautiful image and I am glad. Also my kundalini energy is through the roof alight!

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