Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)

Yo trade?

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A morphing glowing sphere gold and red appears in front of me slowly falling to this black marble floor. I’m in a mansion, then I’m outside and it’s raining blood. There’s a fire lake. Back inside the sphere is absorbing everything. Then black.

I think there’s something else within you that may either be corrupting or upgrading you. Gold is a good sign though

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Out of curiosity, what is everyone’s method of scanning?

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I push my focus towards the person and read their energy. This can include anything from recent workings to areas they are lacking in. It’s a similar technique one may use when aiming to engage in time viewing of a specific person.
I do find my readings can vary though, in terms of what aspects I see.

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I gaze upon the person’s name, let my eyes lose focus over it, go into a trance state and let what comes to me come.


@Biffa_Bacon @TheDarkWolf199620
That’s great, thanks. I’ve been working on performing similar exercises. Don’t think I’m quite good enough to direct it towards a particular target yet. It’s more of a generalized vision of whatever comes to me at the moment, however I’m getting better and stronger as time goes by. Soon I’ll be able to properly direct it, I’m sure.


Hi people, lady Eva told me to visit this forum, I have found my goddess to be hel! So if anyone on here can scan me, please do.

Wellp, I’m not sure what kind of scan I want. It felt like I should ask for something specific and spirits came to my mind. However, i will ask for a scan. Just a scan. It is up to you if you want to scan for that or not. And of course mwa will return the glorious favor.

Can anybody give me a scan?

Hello will anyone give me a scan please?



Anybody up for a trade? I’ve recently had the name VALEFOR appear in what I think may be a foreign thought, but I’d like to know if Duke Valefor is indeed trying to make contact with me.

@thestrangescientist Sure! :slight_smile:

I keep getting what looks like a diamond shape around you, with the vertices ending in little spheres that glow with a dull pinkish-blue light. The edges of the diamond shape are the only indicator of its presence, but it isn’t wireframe- it looks more like a predator cloak outline of some kind of still, clear fluid more than a wireframe or drawn shape; it has substance to it.

The word ‘VALEFOR’ rubs against one of the horizontal vertices of the diamond, although the word is tilted vertically, with the bottom of the letters making contact with you. It makes a sound that I break down into two pieces of metal sliding against each other, as well as two frequency tones that are slightly different resonating together- like they’re overlapped.

To me, it feels like you haven’t tried to initiate contact with Valefor, but that something about you/what’s going on in your life that attracted the guy- I get the sense that it’s more like you two are resonating because of what feels like similarity of spirit, and he noticed the connection first. That’s all I can make of it, so I’d say he is trying to talk! :slight_smile:

Wanna trade Mr. @qayos

Hello everyone.
I have just arrived on this forum and I would please like to request a scan. I have no idea how these things work so I thank you for any light you might be able to bring me on this matter. I feel there is a family/personal curse I’ve struggled under all my life…
Thank you again

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It was weird like looking through your eyes I see a bathroom, but I tried looking at the mirror, but i could not force ourselves to view the reflection. All i saw was a shadow lingering on the arm as it was the only part I could see.

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Anyone pls scan me,

I have questions as basis:

Is there a death to happen? I don’t want to specify more.

Success in writing a book?

Any other info appreciated thank you

Trade scan?

Trade anyone

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