Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)

So not Ereshkigal? Just a bit of good old fashioned Saturnian necromancy? Well don’t go doing a Dante Abiel and melting your spine off lol

No. Not necromancy.

More like her husband. But also her assistance.

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Sounds good. Do keep us updated if you come up with anything exciting

Let’s say it runs deeper than you all think :wink:


Very nice, @Biffa_Bacon. I’ve only recently started working with my chakras, so this could be true about them. Canines, both wolves and dogs, I’ve always felt an affinity with, I’ve always got my dog at my side. Also, the Norse path is one I’ve been drawn to more than anything else.
As for Lilith and Saturn, I don’t know much about that yet. There could be something to the lust considering current circumstances.
Thanks, I appreciate the insight!

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Hey, I was wondering if anyone wanted to scan me?

I’d greatly appreciate it if someone would.

By chance are you related to the following concepts:

The scythe


I certainly have aspirations to embody both, to an extent.

So, I’ve been reading up on Saturn after reading what you said about the Saturnian energy. To be completely honest, I think it’s been information overload and feel just as lost as I did when I started. Never gotten into astrology so I know nothing about it (barely know what my sign is lol).

Is there anything you feel I should know about this Saturnian energy or what it could mean/represent?

Again, thanks!

Well, there we are. Your godform is likely related to such concepts. The word execration came to mind.

That’s a good read. Very much reflective of my political views and general view on current societal issues ( they’re playing an increasing role in my magic )

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Trade scan?

Can somebody scan me?

I saw a black feather slowly descending through the air then a man that is similar to what is on @C.Kendall has on his profile. Behind him was a volcano that is erupting with huge amounts of ash everywhere.

Anyone want to scan me? I’m sorry I can’t give a scan back, just not in the right headspace for that :pensive:

Hiya! By “natural fertility”, I mean energy related to the growth and reproduction of plants and animals.

Could you PM me more details on Machaloth? Do you remember what she looked like, rising out of the lake like that? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Oh, and if anyone wants a trade, let me know. :slight_smile:

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Anyone willing to trade scans?

As soon as I got into a trance there was lightning, it struck twice before I saw what looked like a lake oozing darkness while something or someone was trying to contain it in the hole. As soon as I tried to sense anything else about the figure it was like I was kicked out. Now I have a headache. :tired_face:

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