Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)

I volunteer as tribute.

Would someone be willing to scan me? I’m concerned about what’s happening to me. Probable possession. Something keeps directing me to trees. Any advice?

I’ll trade anyone who is up for it.

saw a man kinda wrapped sitting in his bed with a lot of dark energy but it seemed more like life stress and worry torturing you and feel you’re being called to connect with feminine energy like nature so you can gain perspective and your well being.

I don’t know why but when i scanned you the first thing that came to mi mind is Azazel is trying to call you
if you can scan me back I’ll be grateful

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Could you scan me for what message Lexmanah has for me?

I’ve worked with Azazel before. I will have to talk to him. When I scanned you I saw a large minotaur on the steps of an ancient greek temple. Inside the temple was a giant satue of a man sitting on a throne. Zues came to mind. Then a bright light shown down from above and engulfed me. When it faded I was in a large domed room that looked like it was made wit white marble. The ceiling had a hole in the top to let te sunlight in. It was very well lit inside however there wasn’t anything in the room. Just a empty room.

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I gotta say I’m new at scanning but the words that came to me where; your focus is fixed you gotta awaken/ improve(this part wasn’t clear) your god form first

Yeah your right yesterday made a Greek initiation thx

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Thank you for your insight. Much appreciated. I do need some grounding

Could someone please scan me? I’m new to all this.

Go make an introduction~

Welcome @Nuclear_Chamber It is a rule of this forum that all new members must properly introduce themselves, so before asking people for scans, please click the link below and tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick ie what you practice, how long you have practiced, areas of interest, etc:


Could some one scan me? This keeps pulling me… Not sure why

Sorry everyone, I was a little too hasty it seems.
Anyway, if anyone could scan me I’d be incredibly appreciative.

Hey I don’t have much experience. But I could try. I’ve been scanning people for practice, so maybe won’t be 100% accurate. If you want to I scan you. PM me or let me know if you prefer that I post here.

Hello, can someone provide me a scanning of room, possibly in PM?

People are more likely to scan you if it’s a trade and not just a beg and disappear.

I would like for someone to scan me please. There has been a change in my energy recently and it’s frustrating. We can trade if you want to.

Evening… any could scan me?