Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)

For me? :thinking:

Yes, sorry didnt tag you @Unique

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Okay I’ll scan you hold up

I see a lizard digging into the ground
He stay there looking up
My vision blanked out then I saw your enegry crying. It stopped crying and then it got up with armor. And much blacker and defined look.

My interpation: I think what i was picking up was something in your life made you have to retrieve and rethink things out. It broke you down to points you haven’t been. But when you got back up. You were stronger then ever.

I also feel this was recent.
How I do :thinking:

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Really good. I am in a transitional state in my life. Things are changing but I still feel like I am not there yet.
I know my scam was vague and not very in depth, but did I get anything right?

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Could you scan me for a message from Lexmanah?

Idk to be honest. I dont even know who that person is haha but thank you. I’m happy I got it right for you.

@Epsilon_The_Imperial yeah sure I wouldn’t mind. Give me a sec

Can you give me more context. Like what you were asking for ima try something different with this reading. See if it will help

I think I’m connecting with some things, but I would like help confirming my intuition. It has to do with other things.

I also would like to know how Lexmanah can help me find occult power.

Can i have a read?


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What I saw when thinking of you. Was lexmanah and you joining together in a symbiotic nature. As yall joined together it looked like that movie venom. When the alien and the guy became one. You guys joined but others wouldent notice. Lexmanh in my vision was showing you how to hide your emotions. By controlling your movements and facial expressions.

My interpation is the message that hes trying to deliver is one of concealment. Learning how to pull the strings in the background. I also was getting maybe he wants to join with you. Maybe in a possession type way. I also get the feeling yall are very similar personality wise.

How was that.

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Is there anything specific yall want me to scan.


My aura basically and what spirits are around me.

The part about us joining and us having very similar personalities is very nice. The stuff about the concealment of emotions is useful.

Thank you very much.

Does he have a direct message about the more important things I’ve been concerned.

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Anything you can pull energy wise

He probably does. But I’m not familiar with that entity. Plus I’m still kind of new to this. So sounds like yall need some 1 on 1. However yall communicate.

I feel your enegry is moving right now. Like wind swirling around you. I see one main entity who’s watching over you. Sitting in this meditative state hovering over your aura. This entity is rather tall.

Your enegry is very clam but I feel a deep anger seated behind it. A buildup of enegry wanting to be released for malicious purposes. I also picked up your very quick. You have a above normal skill to shift focus intensely between multiple things or targets.

Does it resonate. Also can yall scan me back.

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You don’t know me yet, so there’s nothing to tweak a reading one way or another.
I’d be interested in a scan.

Hmm if you don’t mind, can you scan me? What magick am I naturally good at?

What would you like for me to scan.

I’m getting element and primal magick/ animal magick.
Mystic shaman vibes
Does that resonate with you?

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