Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please)

Source, I just don’t want to feel as though I’m being pushed around by outside spiritual influences or currents. Recently the infernal spirits and you have been trying to say that times are changing and that I have to change or else I’ll suffer due to my own paranoia and the fact that my life will stagnate.

But because of that and the choices I’ve made, I feel as though I cannot trust what I’ve been saying to myself, because this whole time I thought I was receiving divine guidance consoling me for being on the right path and to trust in my own ideas.

This also makes me feel as though I’m not in control and that I’m being pushed around by the currents themselves and that things will end horribly if I try to change according my own will.

I don’t want to live up to other people’s expectations or feel as though I’m not good enough and I have to change to fit in and earn the right to just be happy with myself.

Mainly though, I feel compelled to do the things others want me to do in order to ascend. As though I’m being sheparded from task to task or from challenge to challenge.

At the end of the day, it makes me feel enchained to the process and I don’t feel like I would enjoy it.

I’ve been trying to be passionate magick in a aay that doesn’t involve the results, and I’ve been trying to think about how I can view it as beautiful.

My main problem now is that I’m not sure I can direct myself well and be the master if I don’t know if my internal guidance is leading me in the right direction. I’ve done this entire situation based off that.


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anyone willing to trade

Is there anyone here can trade with me please?

I’ve consecrated a talisman lately to unlock the sequence of steps necessary to perform the money spell spoken of by a member named sultitan_itan.

I requested the talisman to unlock any blocks placed on the info by other magicians, but do you see it working? As in, can I access the information uninhibited?

I get the feeling that there were never any to begin with

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Welcome to the forum @dirooz_Emrooz. Before jumping straight into the scanning thread, please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


To be clear, he said that the information was designed to unfold itself to anyone who knew how to ask. There’s still a way to get it, but he made it seem like it wasn’t so simple.

Alright… then do you get anything as to its name?

“Doubt is the death of magick”

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no, but if I’m wrong, then it sounds like a puzzle. scrying for instructions is a good idea, or perhaps the akashic. in general,im not getting a whole lot

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@Tattersail Thanks
I’m sorry for making you read all that.
@N.M.Ginnarr I’ll get back to you both.

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I see bees and flowers.
“You need bees in order for pollination. You must have faith in the variables of manifestation in order for magick to occur.”

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I would like to introduce myself. But how can I start new topic of my introduction please?

Click on that red box above my dude

Anyone wanna scan me

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I have a feeling you should contact Lilith for an explanation towards how to progress in your Ascent. "Every spirit has their own agenda, its like ideology, the reason why you should contact spirits is otherwise you wont know what they stand for, you already know this. Once you know their agendas pick the one that most closely resembles your own, in order to do that you must know what you stand for as well. "

Since the last scan I see you need some rest, youre overworking yourself again, BUT you accomlished the goal you were trying to accomplish, youre hiding your real feelings but its not stopping you, you view it as a positive skill, I see a lot of magical workings being done the outcome of them will be really impressive and overall positive.

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correct btw :*

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Awesome! Im glad im getting better and better at it :wink: scan back?

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i saw you and a female on a ferris wheel and then suddenly it goes on fire. I see a horus eye behind you and mostly sun energy. Then I see a snake battling a stallion in the middle of nowhere. Your chakras are fine except solar plexus kinda jacked up…

Sorry I just did a lot magick stuff today my read might be poop tier

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