Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

I was interested in a similar reading, just general of energies around me and my own.

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Your Scan:

The first thing I picked up on was the name “Sitri” , and a very mild presence around you. His energy felt soft (surprisingly) and the color would be similar to a dark blue/purple - if I would describe how his energy looked. I also saw an incubus.

The second thing that came up was an image of a woman in a meadow field. She had a straw hat on and her hair was a strawberry blond color. Her eyes were blue and she had a nice smile to her. She wore a dress. She seemed at ease, picking flowers and even berries (odd combination). Her hair was done up in a bun. I got a positive feeling from her. She might be nuturing. I got the feeling she might be playing a role in emotional healing.

Other general energies I got from you is a feeling of darkness, but I attribute that to Sitri and his related beings. The scene with the woman reminded me of something. Something about reaping what you sow. She seemed happy and healthy, and was collecting berries and flowers, I got a feeling of vitality from the plants and berries. I don’t know if the berries or flowers in the meadow was anything she “planted” but that came up. Perhaps this is what she offers to you.

That’s fair. I’m well guarded, so… Could you scan me please? :slight_smile:

I do trades.

I can give a shot!

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The very first thing I feel is again, the female energy from last time. Now instead of forcing my gaze away, I feel as if she has given consent for me to view her, she feels very strongly like Lilith. Perhaps an aspect of her or even a daughter of Lilith? She is very beautiful with unblemished skin and fiery hair, I cannot see her eyes. She has a light blue flower in her hair.

Now I see grand halls which made me feel as if I am in some sort of school of college, it is a brief glimpse and I hear the sound of pages turn quickly, as if rushed through. It had long/large collums and domed ceilings. I see vines growing up the collums. The vision of this place was short but it gave off a knowledge/learning vibes. I am brought back to a pale blue flower, some sort of Lily maybe? I see a scroll unraveling and a single eye drawn on the paper in blood red. it goes dark and then I see a bird? looks like a stork but it is black and gold, I see the bird carrying scrolls through the darkness.

Your energy itself reminds me of a cloudy day, quite cool and subtle yet capable of becoming like a storm, a hurricane. I get the colors blue, silver and green as I scan your energy. It is a mix of lower/darker energies and neutral energies.

Oh, I see a little girl as well. She looks about 10 years old. She has green eyes, dirty blond hair and dimples, she is in a frilly dress that keeps changing colors. She turns and runs to the woman I saw earlier. Though I do believe this isn’t an entity, but some sort of message from the female with Lilith vibes.
(I also heard the word QUEEN shortly after I finished scanning you as if the woman was expressing her distaste for not knowing her title.)

I hope I didn’t intrude to much and please let me know how I did.

Sitri huh? I am actually unfamilar with them, but I go by Tizri irl so it kinda feels close to that maybe?

That dark presence was likely my son, he was born between myself and the incubus you saw. The woman you saw, that would be my ancestor Phera, she has been watching over me for a long time and has helped me through a lot of personal trauma. The sowing and reaping is a personal sign that she gives to tell me that I am on the right path.

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This makes sense. I would suspect Lilith should be either the first or second spirit someone would pick up on, given I have her sigil tattooed so her energy outta be quite present on me/around me.

Honestly, first thing this made me think of was my college lol. But I’m sure it’s got deeper meaning then that :stuck_out_tongue:

…I’m not sure…was Lilith a maternal figure to this “girl” by chance?

it did feel like that

Sitri and the dark presence was most present around you, the woman I had to scan more to pick up on.

Might have been representative of me…I do often call her “mother Lilith”…but I dunno…would you mind checking on what meaning that might have had? The dress doesn’t make sense though…with changing colors (or even having a dress, I am female but “butch”/masc in presentation so dunno)

sure, i can try, could you try and see what connection sitri might have to me?

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Sure. Give me a minute.

The word “sire” immediately comes up. His energy feels similar to the energy of your “son”. Not the same, but similar.

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Alright. Tell me when it happens

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Just give me a moment to finish the trade I’m in, then we can start.

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From what I can tell the dress was symbolic of human societal norms, and you ran to Lilith as a child would run to their mother to seek help and guidance. I sense that she acknowledges you as one of her own and is like a lioness to her cubs about you.

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Well hek, could it be that Sitri might actually have influenced my birth? Or is related to the incubus I am married to?

I wasn’t trying to read to much into it…but yeah perhaps. Either that or the incubus is related to him and he’s like a grandfather…odd though. Maybe you outta call him up sometime and find out :slight_smile: