Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

This is kind of strange. Usually I’ll see flashes of things. All I saw while scanning you was an empty room. Like the size of a dining hall. In the center of the room was a ball of dark energy. It was about the size of a basketball and it was waiting. Waiting for a command to do something.

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Please can OP scan me please i really need it

I’ll trade.

I see you as a white light in a circle of purple and blue galaxy. All around you is darkness with s faint whisper of the stars. It is like you are closed off but trying to open up but your protection is very strong and it hard if not impossible to get in.

Hi guys, I asking for a big favor, could someone scan me and see if they can see my servitor that I created? Please.

Oh thanks you really much for this
So what can you say about it is it good or bad
What vib do you get and what do i need to work on ?
In know im asking a lot sorry

Overall I would say it is good, it is there to protect you other things that want to harm, but you are going to have to take extra steps to communicate with entities and have them communicate back with you.

Yeah true i invoked multiple time but never heard or saw anything but do you think that the purple ring is one of the two demon for protection i invoked ?

Let’s trade boo

Can someone scan me please?

Oh boy 2 readings in the price of one :joy:
@Mystic-Void interesting one. The description kinda fits Abaddon with whom I have a running pact atm. His attributes of destruction and love certainly fit. Maybe ot was him that you saw.
@NamelessOne The reading is far more accurate that it seems. I am starting to realise my true potential, but yet I am still too afraid to act. Maybe one day I will finally manage to fill the room with the dark energy you saw :thinking::thinking:

Anyway thank you both for the readings. @Mystic-Void I will scan you back when I can but that might take several days. I am very tired right now and by tommorow for a week or so I will have 0 free time.

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I feel you… Don’t you worry about it :slightly_smiling_face:
And maybe I just saw him instead of you… I am still working on the skills :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face: Then again, I picked up the most powerful energy :thinking::joy:

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Any one good att reading auras? I working on it so it will attract women like an red sex aura. //Addi

Anybody want to trade?

I see a crescent moon and a women in a green prairie. She have very pale skin and black hair. She is recolting a specific plant. Long, with white little flowers placed like grapes.

I dont need a scan in exchange :slight_smile: it’s not much

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This sounds like the goddess Demeter. white hyacinth plant I thought of or lavendar which might be hectate.

I would like a scan. Anyone? Also, how do I scan?

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I see a large grey brick wall that is slightly curved (looks like part of a tower) on the wall are green vines growing. With little flower buds, like the start of something new.

To the left I see a calm zig zag river, blue sky with light fluffy white clouds. I sense a rainbow but it is far back.

I see you sitting under an older middle age tree reading and absorbing the tranquility of everything around you.

Let’s do a trade over PM :slight_smile:

Wwhat do I look like in your vision?