Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Anyone willing to scan me?

Anyone want to trade a scans ?

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i would like one,lets do the trade

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i see a big human creature upon the earth,i see the planet swirling in space,for some reason i can see the other planets as well,
right now i see differend ships
i see a pirate ship
the sea is bright blue and looks ok
i see the ship saling fast the ship has gold parts and some other are blue and red
i hear the sea i hear “dont go too fast”
“learn to find time”
then i see the space void with stars

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Would anyone be willing to trade?

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i can do

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I see a winged serpent flying around a red and gold mansion, the serpent has a red orange auric trail behind it. It’s black with blue eyes and gives me some chills. It appears to be protecting the mansion.

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i see a man ripping open his chest with his own hands
when the chest splits opens i see planets and other worlds
"come over "i hear
sacrifice all to get the all
this can mean an ego death and inner discovery

Anyone wanna trade

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I would like to trade

Scan my 3 eye

I see a indigo light surrounded by a ring of white light. A blue lotus flower is slowly emerging, signifying awakening. @Xag_darklight

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Good evening. Any could scan me, please? I’m up for a trade. Thanks.

Can somebody scan me to see if my higher self is blocking me from sensing spirits, and if so, petition or appeal to my higher self to have me be completely open to sensing spirits? If not, then I know all I have to do is practice [blue flame] meditation and it will come.

will do your in a few hours

Ooo you know what. I haven’t done scans in a while. Im probably super out of practice but anyone wanna trade?

Im game.

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Okayyy. Gimme a sec.

Yo can I get a scan?
Its seriously important stuff

Scan me please (Chris Farley in Tommy Boy voice)