Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)


Hi I’m new to this power sensing scanning, my energy has been doing funky stuff for months, think it like entities and spells and last night in particular it was a bit difficult to know what was going on. Anyone?

Hey, could you do a scan on me?

Someone mind scanning me to see how my deification is coming along?

Please can someone scan me? I really feel the need for info about something

I would like to request a scan of my godform or whatever you want to call it. The reason is because i have done work to become a faerie and although i feel that i am i would like to have observations from others. If your not willing to thats cool. Just thought i would ask anyway.

Scan swap?


Anyone willing to do a scan for me? I’ll return the favor but at this moment I feel as though something is off.

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“his will is off”
I am getting the impression that you need to mediate on your chakras more, especially solar plexus
Have you did any alchemy ritual lately? I feel energetic changes not negativly tho and not positively, my intuition tells me that was meant for positive transformation, don’t worry the ritual worked but you must meditate and align your chakras aslo rest

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I would still like a scan as well

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@Xag_darklight I did some energy work yesterday, for the purpose of drawing money and opportunities into my life faster. Thanks for the tip.

Regardless I did your scan anyway.
I felt an enormous amount of energy once I probably got into my trance, a familiar red energy, maybe someone you’re working with has helped me out in the past, and there was this strange ticking and it felt as though you are busy trying to generate a lot of energy but I don’t think you have that much time left. Then I felt drained and could not continue. I may return with a more accurate scan once I’ve realigned and cleansed my chakras.

@Durona I believe that the question is are you going to return the favor and scan back?

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Hi, I need a scan because I’m under the attack of a harmful spirit.
you would help me a lot :star_struck:

Anyone wanna trade

sure! I can’t do it now, but I can try later

I’ve never done this before, but I would like to be scanned if any of you are willing

Anyone willing to scan me?

Anyone want to trade a scans ?

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i would like one,lets do the trade

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i see a big human creature upon the earth,i see the planet swirling in space,for some reason i can see the other planets as well,
right now i see differend ships
i see a pirate ship
the sea is bright blue and looks ok
i see the ship saling fast the ship has gold parts and some other are blue and red
i hear the sea i hear “dont go too fast”
“learn to find time”
then i see the space void with stars

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