Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1)

Saturn ? Capricorn seassssonnnnn birthday coming up whoop whoop

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Aww :blush: thats what Belial just said too :joy:


Lol that’s great!
Hi belial! Long time no see!

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The cloaked figure is femine or tiamat?

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That’s you

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Will anyone scan me please?

Anyone up to swap?

Anyone want to swap? I’m a newbie trying to get some practice.

Anyone to swap?

Anyone want to trade?

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I will

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I see a field full of trees and one great tree in the distance. I see you sitting by it and you are calm.

A white Sun shines above you.

I take this to mean its the tree of Life in a softer more heavenly tone

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Do you sense any entities or beings? How’s my aura/energy seem?

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I don’t sense any beings around you. But your Aura Is clear and… intriguing :thinking:
It’s clear but powerful

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Would you like to trade brother?

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Thank you

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I see a vulture with Red eyes and a small bird in it’s beak. It’s in a hellscape on top of a cathedral with a red background

Rivers of blood pour from the cliffs and a stone face is seen carved into the mountain with blood pouring out

Looks pretty fucking sick :ok_hand::metal:
Exploring different parts of hell I see

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Rivers of blood are likely Morrigan. Still very relevant.

Out of curiosity, what did the bird do? Precisely how did end up in my jaws? I’m curious as to what you pick up.

And anything I need to know/should do, etc? Beginning yours now…

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I see a beating heart. The heart is heated. As in, it looks like a hot stove, with intense yellows, oranges and reds. I’d dare say its about to explode. If you’ve been stressed, take it easy (sounds like my damn roommate)

I see a triangle with three circles inside of it, perfect in diameter and size and in equal proportion. Its function is to hold and enforce certain emanations within reality and to also not only internalize but to also project them. The triangle its self is also perfect and equal in all three sides. It is inverted.
The number 777 comes to mind as well.
Also, something advises to be smart about your next few moves, specifically over the span of a few weeks.

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I honestly cannot tell you what thr bird did to get the prey, but it was some gruesome magic at play

It was grimacing at me but in a friendly way.

I think what happened was the bloodlust it had got out of control and took it over.

It was red with Rage…

Blood + rage + dead prey + unsatisfied hunger+hate+ amplified by Demons and bloodthirsty goddesses = Hunter

I would say control your bloodlust and don’t let it overwhelm logic…but I wouldn’t tell you to do something I wouldn’t do :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

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