Power Seal Spell

This is something I plan on making weekly, posting a piece of my grimoire, and engage people in its pages.

I made this seal, would you want to charge it, play with it, use it, scry on it, experiment with it, etc, and share the results?

This is part of a larger scale experimentation, but keep in mind that you must use this particular picture for my experiments to progress.

If nothing else, make a wish to it, and see what happens.



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I find it very hard to open non-black sigils.
Anyways I opened it and repeated unchain my consciousness from this body

Hopefully it works and I can project

Share whatever you experience, I want to know. :slight_smile:


Is it alright if I download this to use as a background on my phone, so long as I don’t share it anywhere else? I’ll be happy to keep you updated on what I use the seal for, when I have figured out a purpose.

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Go ahead. :slight_smile:

I am going to try out your elemental gateway. Looks interesting !

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Any updates?

Watching and bookmarked.

Can this sigil be used also for bane magic?

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Try and see what happens, I have not decided it for baneful magic tho.

There will be a different sigil for that posted.

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Okay sounds cool

I forgot about this sigil. Sorry.

Don’t worry, everyone seem to have. :I

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