Power of sexual magic for money, healing, and life transformation

hello I hope you are well! I made a plan to direct sexual energy for home improvement. I thought how prostitutes would have a lot of money having sex, and I realized that money for them was the main focus and in magic this is simply the intention. they always want something and at the very least they are having sex thinking about what they want and not about taking pleasure in what the lovers do. then the energy is channeled .and she gets what she mentalized .and I did that. without emotion and I directed the energy to the renovation project and I am renovating my house without having much money, I also directed sexual energy for more money for my partner’s work because I lost my job .and he has been getting good amounts doing more works out. the sexual and very powerful energy I have healed from ankle sprain in 3 days. I hope this helps you need some advice on sexual magic. Thanks for reading.


a very interesting read i read in a book recently that when both lovers focus on a mutual intent or objective during the act the achievement of the objective is all but assured the book did have some other things that should be done though like NOT maintaining eye contact during sex.

I would love to try this but…


Awesome! Sex, body, health, material things, power, grounding has to do with the base chakra. Excellent sex resolves lots of problems. Enjoy it! :clinking_glasses: