Power of Poltergeist activity?

Who is having poltergeist activity here?

What was the most agressive/violent manifestation you had?

Before i start on magick, i was having some intense nights with hallucinations and shit pulling my arm or touching me.

After i started with magick, rituals, etc…all that stopped really fast, instantly. And what made me search for the occult and then magick…was those poltergeist activities.

Can spirits really manifest physically to the point of pulling your arm that way?

I have started to work with the book The Spider and the Green Butterfly and i’ve got paranormal activity here yesterday’s night.

The door to the kitchen was closed and it was just opened, the light of the kitchen was turned on 1 hour later after the door got open by the button being pressed.

And i am only making the florida water at the moment as described at the book.

I dont have any paranormal activity for more than 1 year.

Im sure theres a bit in the book where it says something about footsteps and doors opening, etc.

Yes, but the interesting is that its just the consacrating of the florida water, it does not involve any evocation, just using the right materials and the moon period and some candle burning.

When the real deal starts, it will…

Yes, I imagine it will only intensify as things progress. By merely reading the spider and the green butterfly these entities will be drawn to you though I think.

Yea, i ask if stuff can get really to the point like this:
Scary Paranormal Activity. Intense Poltergeist Activity Caught on Video

Im not afraid or something, but huu that must suck to get a good night of sleep.

(i dont even know if that video is fake, im just giving an example)

I’m no expert, but I doubt it would get to that, unless you invited those powers there on purpose (or someone cursed you).