Power of meditation

I had been having depression for the past 2 weeks because of so much shit happening in my life, I meditated deeply in the shower which is so relaxing if you haven’t tried it for 25 minutes and just focused on love joy peace happiness telling my mind that is what is being attracting while visualizing an event in the future I want to happen. My depression was uplifted later that day in a few hours, and I have never felt better, I honestly felt yesterday the highest euphoria of all times, I see things so much clearer, no fog, is this the vibration of enlightenment or just an unblocking of my root chakra, the euphoria has carried on even into this morning, daily meditation is the key to peace of mind and taking possession of your mind


Great testimonial, man. I’m glad things turned around for you. That’s awesome.

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This reminds me of something on of the monks of a vietnamese Buddhist temple taught me while I was in college. “Your mind can be your garden or your prison, depending on how you care for it.” Great to hear you are moving in a good direction


That’s exactly it everything is a reflection of thoughts and emotions and meditation let’s you saturate your body in positive emotions