Power numbers

For as long as I can remember, I have been seeing power numbers. For example when I sometimes look at my phone I see certain times on the clock 11:11am, 22:22pm plus other times. Incidently I was born on 11/11 and my house nunber is 11. Seeing this too many times to be coinincidence. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them.

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Same thing. 11:11. Notice what your doing at those times. Its your entity trying to guide you.

I’ve been seeing them a lot more lately too; although nothing new to me I used to notice them before however not as often.

Usually when I look them up it’s always kinda the same thing to stay positive, keep doing what I’m doing, good things on the horizon, etc…

Not that I’m complaining by any means I have somethings going on that I am hoping for a miracle to solve basically… The thing is I’m genuinely not doing anything lately. Where as prior I was trying my hardest to fight this whole situation I’ve found myself in. I admit I lost hope for a while, but I feel so optimistic especially considering the dilemma I’m facing is so catastrophic. I guess I’m just hoping the universe is working things out for me finally, but I want to be sure if these are actually signs that things will be ok or if it’s just inevitable coincidence due to the fact that I’ve been on my tablet so much that I’m bound to notice them.

Now that my reasoning for asking is out of the way…

I guess I’m curious are these synchronicities always good? For instance if I were doing the wrong thing would I be seeing different numbers? Can I trust these synchronicities for a fact or do they all bring a positive message regardless? I’m not trying to be a skeptic here, although I guess in a way it may seem like that way…

Also my current situation is far too complicated and sensitive to get into detail or share and I’ve had a great tarot reading from someone on here that helped give me some ease it’s all just so crazy I’m looking for any positive signs I can find and I’m hoping I’m not just fooling myself by doing so… I don’t know…

@Samael-Azazel @DanaMorgan check out this.

Also check out Numerology and workout your life path number it could give you more insight and therefore, you can figure the best path to take.
Things are starting to make sense. Also this may help:


your getting more into spiritual path. that’s when people see these numbers or notice them.

Expected since you a martial artist.

I have always been spiritually inclined from being a child, I would have strange occurences happen to me daily and it was always the same occurence: A whistling from high to low in pitch and at a same time an image of a bird with multple layers within it’s aura. When this occured I was frozen to the spot for a few seconds. I never understood why it happened. Maybe this was some kind of astral travelling. In my adult life when I am stood standing or even walking, I get the feeling of being light headed like I have stood up to quickly.

Since having done research on my birthdate 11/11 I found out that this particular combination of one represents a gateway or portal. There is still much to uncover and this was just my intial finding. This needs more study. Personally I think studying numerology and combining it with your Natal Chart you can get a clear picture of who you are, what your purpose is and the best path to take. I truly believe that once I have unlocked the mysteries of the self, everything will become very clear.

astrology don’t tell you your purpose . It tells you potential and guide you through ups and down luck cycles. I dont’ take numerology too serious as it’s too general. Meditate to your inner soul and develop 6th senses. that will help you know your purpose. Only from within you find answers not external route.

U should know all this if your a martial artist. unless your a lazy one who’s into the physical kick someone’s ass type. rather then the higher level spiritual blackbelt path… haha.

If u ever learn tai chi. there’s plenty spirit in that system as well as open principles that can help one find one self.

My martial arts training was both external and internal and was one of the spiritual journeys I have been on. I could kick ass if need be but I always kept a balance in fact, the more nasty methods of combat I learned the less I wanted to use it.
There are certain things I need to decipher as I have multiple past lives and maybe more than some people who have them. I need to find how to clear past life blockages as this is holding my back. I am going to study both numerology and astrology to find clues that will help me. I understand what you are saying regarding those but I have to make sure no stone is left unturned.

no proof of past life. Best route is probably hypnosis if you want to get answers. go explore that. i’m trained hypnotist so i know that method can help as it’s not conscious mind focus which is limited in finding resources. Unconscious mind have many more resources. hence , meditation is often suggested in many martial arts to get deeper answers.

I’m also trained in chinese astrology.

U won’t find what you want through conscious ways of info. This is something that has to be experience within.

usually what is holding people back is their beliefs that they may not even know about. there fore hypnosis can help remove those blocks to open one’s mind.

Is it possible you could share this hypnosis method that I could maybe perform on myself. The physical info is something I just want to look at understand. I have done a bit if Chinese Astrology and I am also self taught in Feng Shui. I meditate twice a day and perform qigong everyday.

I will formulate a strategy that will encompass everything I have learned to make my practice very potent.

you would have to explore and research hypnosis yourself. It’s not as simple as doing a casting spell.
it’s not a knowledge type of thing of being told. It’s experiential process and tools you can use depending on what you want to use it for. Your need to understand will limit you because in order to get into trance you have to let go of analytical mind to understand which your so focus on. catch 22 shall i say. =o)

so i guess you have another system to explore added to your homework… hypnosis. lol easier if u just go to a trusted hypnotherapist so you can experience first hand it’s power and a bit of understanding of it.

Well as always you have given me guidance. I do know the kind of work I need to do in order to work on myself. Every new day brings new gifts and insights. To me the gift of knowledge is priceless. Again thank you for making me see things in a different light. I do sometimes miss things.

knowledge is great and all but knowledge without application is useless. =o)

these are the best resources you can start with and branch out. NO fluff. Most others copies from these info on these books. these should keep you busy a bit if you kindly take it seriously to explore.

1.my voice will go with you. 2. monsters and magickal sticks. 3. solution oriented hypnosis. bill ohallon 4. Therapeutic Trances: The Co-Operation Principle In Ericksonian Hypnotherapy by steve gillian 5. hypnotherapy by dave elman

and if u want conscious understanding, neurosemantics by michael hall and user’s manual for the brain by michael hall explaining how the mind process language etc…

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I agree with you on the knowledge aspect.

My workload has just incresed somewhat :rofl: however, I think with the references you have provided, this addition to my workload is probably of the highest priorities imo. Again thank you so much for your help and guidance. It is really appreciated.

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