Power in beach items?

So I plan on going to a beach sometime soon. Should I collect things from there like seawater or sand or shells for ritual purposes? Can they be used for ritual? If so then what would they be best used for?

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Well, the first thing is to make sure it’s legal to take what you find. For example, in Hawaii, they don’t care about shells, driftwood, or beach glass, but sand, coral, and rocks are no-go’s. Now that that is out of the way…

There is power in the items. Sea water is best used quickly, as you don’t really know what’s floating in it, or stored in an air-tight container. Shells can contain the energy of the organisms that used them, but also have remnants of the power of the wind and waves (if they were in water). Driftwood picks up stuff along the way and can have a variety of smaller energies in them.

They can be used as symbols of an element or force (earth, water, wind) quite naturally. They can also be used to tap into those parts of yourself, if you’re looking to bring those aspects more forward in your life or rituals. They can also be used as ingredients. A sharp edge on a broken shell can cut pretty easily.

The best way to decide which pieces are best for your intentions is to find them and feel their energies out. If it doesn’t feel quite right, give it to someone you don’t like.

Finally, I would suggest that you “pay” for them. Make an offering to the local land spirits where you’re getting them from. It’s not dissimilar to paying the dead for graveyard dirt. I’ve made offerings of mostly fruit for those items that I have.


I think you covered it all.

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Great answer!

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