Power Image

I am getting i to business and music.

For both of these I would like a certain image.
Badass and powerful.
Who would you recommend for this?
I would think Belial and Bael.

Power is important to me, but It needs to be an organic move.
Aka I dont wanna give my life to a gang just to catch some bodies so I can say Im powerful and hard.

But like I said it needs to be true power so that people respect me or are intimidated by my energy, music and business.

I think you don’t want them intimidated - you want them to love you, gather round you and support you.
Intimidated people will try to remove you - there’s nothing so dangerous as a scared human.

Try Paimon.

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Yeah go King Paimon. Love is the most dangerous and potent weapon of all, have people love you and your work.

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Commanding is a better word.
“Leadership is being able to get you to do something when I need it done, not when its convenient for you”

I see your angle. Very powerful.

That’s got nothing to do with leadership. That’s how to be a domineering asshole that nobody follows in thier hearts.
There’s a big difference between leading and bullying.

Let me ask you something - since you want to be a leader, have you ever read any books about how to lead, how to be a leader that inspires people to give 110%, how to build teams, how to find the right people to best meet a goal?

You might want to start there - change yourself to change your world.
If you are a leader, you won’t need magick to help you get there, people love being led, many need it, and they will throw themselves at you because they know you will help them.

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Paimon, Mammon, Belial, Zepar…


Do you have any recommendations?

Ive read “how to win friends and influence people.”

Mastermind alliance is recommended in Napolean Hills “Keys to success.”
I see most businessmen as ruthless (especially when it comes to negotiation).
A stereotype.

Flexing is prominent in the music I enjoy.
Usually its bulling rather than inspiring.

Thanks for the insight.

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