Power hungry

Power Hungry Poem

" I have stood in darkness
And spoke with
the most ancients Beings
I have stood in hell
I have declared my will
To countless legions
I have seen the true faces
Of demonised gods
Labelled as hellish demons
, the watchtowers called
In all corners of the universe
In the centre I stood
Realisations from kings
That there’s is no evil
and there Is no good,
Death backed me into a corner
And taught me all the mysteries
But with such knowledge and wisdom
I was plagued with misery
, knowledge became power
And power became knowledge
I consumed power and desires
But I lusted for more
Still all spirits of all races
Call my name beyond
The inconceivable doors
, here I stand a god
Communing with gods
I gave my decree
Spirits would just nod
, the moon shines upon me
And bled within my mind
The darkness linger within my soul
A separation would occur
Where there was no longer space
Nor longer time
, no matter what I achieve
I still yearned for more
For the inner god
Known as lord of darkness
And lightbringer
Lurked within my dying core
, call me what you want magickal
Spiritual or even a insane individual
, my ancestors hung on ropes
And burned for their beliefs
They burned until dawn
Hell have no fury like
A witches scorn
, cast me out
Kill me, call me insane
, you don’t make my existence harder
For my godhood I will die as my own martyr
, these are the thoughts of a magician
With too many discoveries I must find
For the magick is in my blood, soul, life
As I say all is mind ".

I have no idea, this is the rambles of a sleep deprived, stressed black magician who ain’t slept in three days, Happy Halloween.