Power behind Hekate


Does anyone know the name of the spirit behind the goddess Hekate? For example, I’ve read somewhere that the goddess Bast is really Haagenti and the goddess Isis is really Ashtaroth. Not really sure if this is exactly correct but, I’m just really curious. I hope I don’t offend anyone with this question. Thanks


Are you mostly just a reader of all kinds of theory received from reading material…or are you a practicing magician?



For now I’m just really reading and researching before before diving into magic.


then you can read all about it and even find some interesting radio interviews by going back to the period of the first book release…Queen of Hell by Mark Alan Smith here…



Thanks a lot, I will definitely check it out.


Most people would arrange the work of their findings in chronological order, rather than in reverse.

Their appearance is whatever they want it to be, and manifestations can be influenced by people’s personal perceptions and beliefs.

Why not dive in, although there is a risk associated, it has been transcended by many, and at this time in history, in this place, it is a very special chance for you, and places like this site do not last forever.

If you’re to make real use of the time you spend researching, you should be asking questions of the spirits you are so interested in.

The time is now, the place is here. Use this site as a map to help navigate, get your feet off the ground and start doing something.

Best of Luck
-Frater Apotheosis


The only way to know the spirit is to ask, but careful for Hecate haha