Power as Currency

You can’t teach power.

Like wealth or desire it is completely personal and intricately woven into the life-body-being of the one who possesses it.

Ergo, if Black Magick is primarily concerned with increasing the Power of the Magician, then the perspective-mind-thoughts-beliefs of said Magician, are- Is the most important part of the equation.

Video courses, rituals, archetypes, entities, materials (all-of-it) are useless, without a grounded sense of power.

So what is Power?

In my personal opinion, Power is the blanket term we use for a series of conditions we associate Strength, Influence, and Change.

In other words,

  • you can’t weild Power, unless you HAVE SOMETHING to change
  • you can’t desire or expect Power (in a tangible visceral sense), unless you have a SERIES OF GOALS to excel THROUGH.
  • you can’t weild or desire Power, if you think “Everything’s fine, just the way it is” (RHP thinking)

So for example, careers that tend to cultivate Power/ Power-minded People include:

  • lawyers, business owners, sales, marketing, Artists, Musicians, Performers, (the entertainment industry), security agencies (police, CIA, etc), politics, inventors, entrepreneurs, bankers, gangster, black market, (to a lesser degree religious orders) etc.

In other words, any kind of employment that has a LIMITLESS ASCENT can, and most often will, BREED a desire for power.

Because the job itself, with all the intricate details, endless goals, and higher benchmarks, provides the 2ND HALF to the Equation of Power.

All these processes, visualizations, tools, and inner works, NEED an outer criteria, to measure their power. (Perhaps… Even Demons and Gods look to the Flesh Incarnate (that’s us) for the measure and value of THEIR Power, else what’s the point of building and destroying a thousand kingdoms in the blink of an eye, unless the joy and terror of those experiences can be trangibly measured/ evaluated/ given human significance?)

I suppose I’m railing against the obnoxious question of “What is Real?” when we ask “What is Power?”

Eastern Mystics and RHPers down play Power (as dangerous or foolish or quaint) while modern Materialists treat it like radioactive plutonium, urging those to (Be careful, or “think of the children” or “What if Everyone did what you’re doing?” - Golden rule logic)

The Black Magician (as were calling ourselves for now) is the only Archetype capable of both possessing Power (its potential and consequences) and and acting on it.

But you’ve got to have an unfulfilled desire, for Power to swoop in and bridge the gap.
And you’ve got to be surrounded by opportunities to change and exploit, to develope and sustain an insatiable appetite for Power.

Personally, I believe the #1 thing EVERY Demon/ God/ Entity desires themself-
Is to see the collective appetite for Power, GROW RAVENOUSLY, exponentially, almost ruthlessly, in every direction.

This is the true Evil of the Left Hand Path. This is the root cause of fear and discomfort amongst Magick practitioners, and societal elites.

Power is Currency,

And our economy (made of each one of us, one at a time) ought to break out of these quaint little cottage communities, and build industrial cities’s worth of Desire and Power.

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IMO, lust for power is what draws people to these - they see someone who has it, say “Oh mkay, that looks good!” and read, buy, whatever…

Where did you first hear about power?

To paraphrase Hannibal Lector, how do we begin to covet - to desire, to want anything? Do we seek things out to want? Of course not.

People can only know they want something when they get to see that it’s a possibility, when they see other people having the same thing, or at least the same desires, when they become aware that it exists as a genuine possibility for them.

I doubt whether our cave-dwelling ancestors even desired fire, until it became something they knew they could have… :slight_smile:

Where did you first hear about power?[/quote]

I suppose the motivation to write this post comes from a constant sense of whiplash when I step out of my Magick perspective back into my writer’s POV.

I keep forgetting how bizzare and unusual it is to believe in other dimensions, other consciousness, and the possibilities in working with these dimensions and POVs.

Up until about six or eight months ago, I kept trying to imagine how I might explain this stuff to the most skeptical materialists i could think of, almost like a safety line, to keep from being thought of as crazy or weird.
Eventually I realized how pointless and taxing it was to contemplate such a divergent POV, and yet, every so often I indulge in such a mind space (probably for nothing more then a cheap thrill).

Yet there’s something REALLY satisfying in bringing together a coherent narrative in explaining what we’re all doing here, and how an empirical/ objective world view could make Magick the science of the future.

  • one of the explanations for behaviour of wall street bankers leading up to the housing bubble was “animal spirits” said to inspire “irrational exuberance”… Is this a 21st century attempt to bridge the world of spirit with the world of matter? Possibly.

I get frustrated watching movies or reading books, and wondering why the characters DON’T turn to spirits or divination for help, it’s become as normal for me as using a search engine (and I’ve been doing it for far longer) - these are amazing explorations that you’re having, this one stayed with me: “Personally, I believe the #1 thing EVERY Demon/ God/ Entity desires themself-
Is to see the collective appetite for Power, GROW RAVENOUSLY, exponentially, almost ruthlessly, in every direction.”

When compared to the messages of religion (submit, obey, be meek and humble, renounce this world where you’re a unique being) I think that what you’ve outlined there is a verifiable truth, about what sets LHP magick apart from all those deceptive confections cooked up by priests and cultists. Good stuff. :slight_smile:

For me, power manifests as my soul or astral body transformed into a blazing inferno. A key to this is cultivating and controlling rage, which is a simple technique. From that the power is transmuted into will, and from that comes the inspiration for ritual. Another massive source of power can be accessed through conscious lycanthropy, which unlocks the feral, beastly and predatory mammalian current that all of us homo sapiens have. Think Wolverine and Sabertooth from X-Men going berserk. Lady Sheba claimed that “power shared is power lost,” but I do question that. Empowering other people makes me feel empowered. It seems that power is only a currency to those who lean more to a selfish, haughty constitution.

couldnt agree more.

Ive come to learn that power IS for those who seek it- and no one else.
It’s a little strange to introduce such a concept into our modern culture mostly due to how communal and social the human race is.

Recently I’ve begun to play with the idea of Mammalian and Reptilian qualities, expressed through advanced civilization.

In the animal kingdom these camps are separate and Extreme. Animals are either “all on their own” or “inextricably bond to their family-group.”

Only humans get to decide to what degree, how often, and when we choose to identify with others, verses occupy our inner truth.

Black Magicians obviously have the greatest flexibility to exercise these options, and some sort of blend between the two IS essential.

There is a strange and dark truth in hierarchal structure though. As at some level, the only way to measure yourself is in relation to others. And if each of us were truly living some sort of “lucid dream- Matrix reality” then any of our “achievements” would be meaningless. Just as making yourself a King or Emperor in one of your dreams, also lacks a degree of VALUE.

But, as we all know there IS as certain degree of Holographic- Dogmatistic nature to the universe (ie “I am because I say I am” or "it will be because I say it will be) then the only true way to GROUND this awareness is in the familiarization of the limitedness or “immovable objects” of society and civilization.

It’s only when we bump up AGAINST “fellow Creators” and test THEIR beliefs of reality that we can truly measure the power and extent of our own.

Does this then mean- that without the messy DETAILS of physical reality, any advanced- (mostly astral) Being, NEEDS the exclusionary elements of hierarchy to measure their own “achievements” outside of the reflective (mirror-like) reality field of consciousness?

How might an astral entity define and measure its action and reason for existence if not to say “I am He inwhich- can do the things YOU cannot”

This is less significant to us as humans, as we all have physical bodies and therefore will never run out of desires and obstacles to measure, value, and realize our desires.

But as we also exist in ever greater more abstract dimensions then this one, I find it an interesting topic to consider.

What is the template and nature of Power, from a 12th dimensional perspective?

And how do we MAINTAIN SIGNIFICANCE- value and measure, ( a necessary platform- foundation for growth and change) within the higher states that seem void of it?

And is THIS the most feared and blasphemous thought a Black Magician can ponder? A sort of Trojan Horse of “attachment to outcomes and preferences” within a space that explicitly forbids such crass, asymmetrical characteristics?

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