Potent technique to structure spirit portals inside you

Potent technique to structure spirit portals inside you

This technique will help you to create portals outside and inside you, it benefits are better visualisation and physic abilities and greater skills at energy work and many more
Today will are gonna work with the spirits mem’yion the master of portals
or if you want to call another spirit go ahead

The technique by belial

Go into a alpha or theta brain state
Feel everything just fading
Like you are at in the abyss
Visualise this symbol on the wall download
See the symbol solidifying in the wall

Balech tu ach ma tu

And feel the symbol becoming a literal portal
A worm hole
Have the intention for creating a portal that mem’yion will later pass through it
Now visualise the symbol at your 3 eye
Chant again
Balech tu ach ma tu
Meditate on this portal for a moment

calling the Lord of portals, Mem’yion

Now we had structure a powerful portal that spirits come through it, but if created with the right intentions only mem’yion or any selected spirit will pass through it

Hold the intention
Come mem’yion come
Don’t repeat that command
Hold it
Once you feel him there

"Lord, Nether priest mem’yion
Lord and teacher on energy work
Master at portal creation
Nether priest of belial and of the infernal empire
Great spirit of portal creation
Lord, Nether priest of belial
Come mem’yion come
Emu itz sema zaka tama mem’yion "

Chant this incantation multiple times or 3 times is just enough

Now ask mem’yion to enpower your abilities at physic senses and energy work now meditate on him
Then thank him

Sincerely, the Infernal priest and King Xag.


Thanks will copy thi in the morning. G’night 4 now

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i would love to hear your expirience

Good thank you

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Interesting I wonder if your accessing the fire realm. same shape as the tattwas if you aint heard of them that is…— look up tattwas - tattwas are also gates to the elemental realms. You have drawn the fire tattwa (triangle) without the colour best book ive read is this one



I gave this a go last night. Really potent stuff.

After following the steps, Mem’yion appeared to me as a stream of light. He told me he already knew why he was summoned and told me to go about my day. Afterwards, I decided to go get some food. While driving, I heard his voice He had me meditate on the symbol you posted whenever the car was stopped (there wasn’t any traffic because right now the area is covered in snow). When I got home, he said he would give me a present but only when I fall asleep. I had a weird dream last night, but I do feel something different.


thats awesome glad to hear your success!

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I just did this and couldn’t remember everything to say so asked very humbly to mem’yion and was very humble in my thank you. With my eyes closed I saw faint stuff foing on in my 3rd eye area in all gold energy. Went numb from the knees down and when I inhaled felt vibrating energy going into my left hand and on exhale something out my right hand. When I opened my eyes could see the symbol extremely thin and faint etched into the wall in rainbow energy vibrating then disappear. I have a massive headache now.

Did I do something wrong or was that a normal experience?


I say that was a success


so just as you are evoking a spirit? you just imagine it in front of you and chant till its solid?