Potent ingredients and symbols for attracting love

Not involving demons, gods, or spirits, what are the most potent ingredients and symbols to use when making a spell to attract love from women?

Do note, I am not aiming for any one woman, but I want to be considered attractive by women on average.

I already have ideas, but I want to hear from you some tips I could possibly incorporate in my spellwork.

Some basics would be rose petals, rose oil, pink candles, doing spellwork on a Friday. Theres lots but those are the things that spring to mind.


Having money, looking good and being a good liar never fails.



You can incorporate other things if youre wanting sexual attraction etc but purely for love everything rose and pink :blush:

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What would be needed for sexual attraction?
I usually don’t work with love spells, so a bit of uncharted area for me.

Spicy things like cloves,cinnamon.

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I mean it’s not a spell but it is a practice, psychic persuasion, aura manipulation (manipulating your aura to basically pull in women around you or specific type of women view you as attractive) etc.


Also the colour red, so maybe ingredients in a pink pouch tied with red ribbon.

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At the moment I remember the astrological symbol of Venus (of course) and the vervain.