Potens Imperator SORATH Gloria

When I invoce Sorath is it the truth that I connecting at the same time with the energy of Lucifer and Ahriman ?

You would have to decide for yourself. Stuff like this is not a universally accepted truth.

Consider this though: Ahriman’s whole shtick is railing against the “false light” of Ahurha Mazda, so would he really be connected to Sorath, who is said to be the demonic embodiment of the sun, the source of all light?

Also Rudolf Steiner claimed that Sorath is the sun-demon of Revelation, and is far mightier than either Lucifer or Ahriman.


There are a lots of books on this forum ! But I have never found a book about Sorath !? Is there a book to Sorath ??

To my knowledge, there are no books specifically about him, but he is included in several demonolatry books by S. Connolly, mentioned in books on planetary magick, and the work of Rudolf Steiner, though Steiner positions him heavily as the anti-Christ in his interpretation of Biblical prophecy.

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I recall recently reading Pacts with the Devil, I think, and in it the author mentioned summoning a solar draconic/Aeonic being and that they were extremely malefic toward them.

It seems a lot of very dangerous solar beings exist and that the non-benevolent ones are definitely destructive, in the purest sense (basically they are more than ready and willing to harm the sorcerer). It’s interesting there’s yet another solar being considered powerful and evil. Reminds me more of all the hidden occult artwork and references the freemasons and secret societies, particularly the Catholic Church hierarchy have, regarding the Angry Sun. As well as lots of old paintings of fire from heaven… hmm…


As the physical sun is both a life giver, and a life taker ( a bit of sun is essential for good health and good crops, while too much of it will kill you and cause drought) it makes sense that there would be both benevolent and malevolent spiritual aspects to it.

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