Posting a theoretical practice

Ok some this hit me when I was lying down.

When we sleep we sometimes go in to a stage called REM. In this state our eyes are moving quickly and we also dream. Our Dreams feel seem and look real.

In fact, Lucid dreaming and OOBE are so closely connected in the view of many mystics as well as magicians. But that is not what interests me, what does interest me is that when we dream, we are able to see, even with our eyes closed.

You might be able to past this off as imagination or what not but the point is we can see none the less and often our dreams hold glimpses of future events, so exact some not as much.

Here is my Theoretical practice, I’m posting it on here for anyone interested in giving it a try. you can do this with your eyes open or closed. try both and see how things go.

Do your meditation, any kind is fine. But allow yourself to get into that mental state during meditation when your mind seems to shut down.

Once your at that point, allow your eyes to move quickly, I find if I relax my gaze and look around I can do this no problem. Have that ‘staring into space’ look and just move your eyes without focusing on anything. Try this in your alpha or theta state, eyes open or closed or both (not at the same time obviously) and see if images and the world begins to change around you.

Post your results as I’ll be posting mine as well.

Ok, So I tested this last night and I -DID- have a lot of lucid dreams last night.

This could be just coincidence or it might have some merit to it, I’m going to trying again tonight to see what happens. It is sujested by some that lucid dreams allow for magical practice and development, due to contacting the sub concious mind directly.

If this works, it could mean development in the right direction in less time

The moving eyes in my experience was the most annoying aspect of learning to how to go into a trance, and I was glad to get past it.

I tried this again last night. same effect. It seems to allow the effect of lucid dreams more often. Paired with meditation and trace states, once I fell asleep I jumped into a dream almost that instant. I’m going to keep trying this to see if results are consistant

I’ve been doing this exercise over the past nights, the results are consistant in producing lucid dreams or dreams in general.

I’m not sure if any one else has given this a go but I would encourage you do try this, especially if you are working on divination and soul travel.