Post-Evocation Grounding Through Sensual Triggering

I’ve discovered a brilliant and simple way to ground and recharge after intense work that relies on a recently identified phenomena called Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), and I’m sharing it in case anyone else can get the same results.

“ASMR is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, and/or cognitive stimuli” (definition there from Wikipedia).

I’ve always had this response when someone brushes my hair, it’s a non-sexual but extremely intense tingling, shivering sensation, and I sometimes ask my partner to brush my hair to help me unwind after a long day - especially after doing a proper full-on evocation or anything where a lot of energy is involved.

But, obviously that’s not always possible, and I noticed I get the same feeling watching videos of massages as well, so I downloaded a few of those, then wrote it off as one of those things - until I found videos on YouTube tagged as “ASMR triggers” and found out it’s a well-known response.

Common triggers for this sensation include watching people painting, listening to the sound of someone whispering softly, someone slowly turning the pages of a book, and watching any kind of personal attention - massage, someone scratching their nails gently on skin, hair-brushing, or putting on cosmetics.

Here’s the main site I found for it: ASMR Lab - “That’s what that head tingling is” - there’s a free e-book on the site, and plenty of explanatory material.

Here’s the Wikpedia entry about it, and this spider-like thing is alleged to proke the same feeling, and you can use it on yourself.

Finally, here’s one of my favourite videos for this, especially with the sound turned to barely audible, and there are a load of related videos off the side or by searching for ASMR Trigger on YouTube.

I’ll be very interested if anyone tries this out and can report whether it worked well for you as a post-ritual grounding/energising method.

I had success while whispering conjurations and i think it has something to do with this ASMR.It’s funny how things works sometimes…I found myself immobilized by hearing the sound of turning pages.

This happens when I enter and end a trance! And when we have morning hair brushing time. Or tiny feet walk on my back. I love it. Its energizing and relaxing together. I’ve thought of it as feeling “minty fresh” all over. How neat that its an actual ‘thing.’

Its been happening everytime throughout the darkness O.A.A. flame lesson, too. (Unfortunately, it makes the whole smothering in evilness thing impossible, so I’ve thought that I must just need to really reeeally get it down. Been on the first lesson for ages. I’ve had the pdf since October and could never get past how fantastic the darkness feels. Huh.) Maybe I’ll go ahead to the next lesson. Great Scott!..there are lots of other minty fresh people out there, too. Who knew… :slight_smile:

Glad you bumped this, dron!