Post damnation issues and a reverse baptism

I’m considering paying for the group reverse baptism rite being performed by J.S. Garrett on the 20th of February, but I still have questions about it. Have you guys decided to do this as well? I’m not really sure how it’s going to work yet.

I accepted damnation on the 9th of September, but I think one of the biggest problems I’ve discovered having since then is all the brainwashing and the fear mongering, etc from my past has been stored in my unconscious mind, which is hampering me in crucial ways. It wasn’t obvious before my damnation, but it became very obvious afterwards. I had Santa Muerte open up my unconscious mind (which in my mind’s eye looked like a big trapdoor being flung open) and what happened was this incredibly loud clamouring of voices bellowing out from the trapdoor, and one of the loudest voices was that of Yahweh. His voice was booming, dictating, and it really induced huge fear in me. There were some other voices too, some of which belongs to former enemies. They were the next loudest. I couldn’t bear the din for more than a few moments, it was so overwhelming. So I had Santa Muerte slam close the trapdoor.

I know the reverse baptism will work, I’ve gotten the impression that it will reverse the CofE baptism done on me when I was a baby, but it will baptise me into the path of the Adversary. I also understand it will clear out the brainwashing, although I understand this will be over time as I receive Satan’s gnosis.

But the biggest impression I have is I’ll need to literally exorcise Yahweh from me. As I type this, Suhn’tal’ock is stepping forward, calling me to him so that he can do the exorcism. I’m not surprised, I’m currently working with Suhn’tal’ock to rebuild my life.

It’s funny, Yahweh put me through hell for 2 years because I gave approval when J.S. got rid of the coven who, over approximately 12 years, ruined me and my life. Let’s just say, they’re no longer around to hurt anyone. Fast forward to post-damnation. His representative proactively turned up shortly after, being all helpful, telling me a reverse baptism will work to flush out the conditioning, etc, but that I “cannot ignore the neighbours”, helpfully pointing them out, and showing me certain things, giving me some advice, and all of that stuff. It left me feeling bemused and suspicious. He was never this helpful before. I did have to resolve remaining hatred and bitterness towards him, which I did. Then one night, I was in the shower, and I spoke my mind, asserting myself, and he got angry. Attacked me. I attacked him back, threw his shit back in his face and told him his already expensive mistake became more expensive. He cursed me. Then I had to resolve my anger towards him. Which I did.

Recently, the Caanite god, Yahweh, and the beings investigating on his behalf turned up and told me that they’ve found me innocent of what Yahweh believed I was guilty of. Yahweh himself told me that there’s a difference between killing someone to protect yourself and killing people because it was easier, more convenient, or for other reasons. So that’s the true “Yahweh law” on the topic, but I can see why people get all riled up whenever a killing happens, regardless if it was to protect oneself - thanks to the commandment that says, “Thou shalt not kill!”. Anyway Yahweh told me his curse is dissolved and that I’m free.

I honestly bear no hatred, anger, nor malice towards Yahweh. I’ve worked through these issues. I just find the whole thing amusing, tbh. But I’m glad the whole nasty business is over and done with.

I’ve been going through hell since my damnation because of the sheer overwhelming fear of bad consequences and suffering - and yes, I did have plenty of fear in me before my damnation, I was fighting attackers daily, and I was in survival mode. but I did what I had to, without much reservation. I can’t even do that now. Santa Muerte told me that in order to remove me from this situation, I need to confront something in my unconscious mind, and I suspect it’s Yahweh. I must get his dictating, booming voice out of my unconscious mind. It’s crippling me.

I’ve already torn up a Bible as an act of blasphemy, and I plan to burn it as my official act of blasphemy on the night I do the reverse baptism group rite. What else would you suggest I do to prepare myself? I’ve decided to pay for the group reverse baptism rite - I guess typing this stuff helped me make up my mind. :slight_smile:


Zero interest. Damnation is a xtian thing and isn’t real.

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Okay, you don’t have to call it damnation. I only call it that because the first I’d heard of it was through EA and Azazel. What I’m referring to is a form of liberation through the Gatekeeper ritual.

lol reverse baptisms are useless, much like a baptism imo has no real significance

Sort of a “only has as much power as you give it” thing?

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yes exactly

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well maybe a baptism can sort of bless you (or curse you depending on how you look at it) with an angelick or abrahamic spirit guide

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Actually, when done correctly by a priest who knows what he’s doing, a baptism has a HUGE significance. It’s basically a magical initiation into a specific current, and alters a persons’s reality, marking them as part of the group. It’s what every spiritual tradition in the world does, and Christianity is no different in this regard.

And a so-called “reverse baptism” can have a very profound effect on someone and should not be undertaken lightly.

However, you are correct in that modern baptisms are generally just the priest going through the motions, but every so often someone will report sublime spiritual experiences when being baptised so it still does hold power and significance.


I performed the reverse baptism on myself early this morning, I learned It from Satan The Adversary compendium 9.


I wouldn’t waste money on a “reverse baptism” personally after I was baptized I just denounced the faith and went about my life, you keep yourself stuck on it when you feed it energy, while yes I do believe baptisms do some things like any kind of cleansing/evocation because that’s when my guardian angel showed up but after I renounced it and told her to leave it was the end of it :man_shrugging:

throwing money at a situation like this is a big waste.


Exactly and for someone who is struggling to free themselves from their programming it’s one more key to the gate of self liberation.

I will offer the advice that if you don’t want to throw money at it, you could listen to how he describes his process and then come up with your own to do.



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What do you think about JS Garrett?
Is he legit?


Yep he’s legit, 100%. I’ve hired him before.

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I’d like to join to Reverse Baptism.
One question: on the same evening I’ll have to do a blasphemy on my own.
I live in Italy, so my time zone is 6 hours later compared to US time zone.
Can I do my blasphemy on the same day or I have to wait US time zone? In my case it will on Feb 21st (not 20th, the day of the ritual).

You need to do the blasphemy act before the 20th of February (US time).

You’ll need to pay for your “seat” first, I think I put a link above to their website. It’s $299. They’ll send you the instructions, etc via email when you do, so everything is explained.

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Before 20th?
Not the same evening?

Has to be before they do the group rite afaik.

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