Possibly discovered a new skrying method

so, i was in the woods doing a ritual on weed and i suddenly felt the urge to gaze into some thick bushes and i started to see the spirits that were present there. it was as if the bushes were moving to form the shape of the spirits. basically skrying but with bushes. has anyone ever heard/done this before


Sorry, but it is not anything new. You can basically scry into anything that has a pattern of light and shadow. What you did was simply use your scrying gaze on a bush.

People have done the same thing on curtains, floor patterns, a glass of soda or ice tea, puddles of water, darkness, the air in front of them, the list goes on. Anything you can gaze at, can be scryed.


Or maybe you saw, the fae

thank’s for letting me know, im glad i found out this method without any physical help

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pretty sure they were around