Possibly calling me through a dream?

So I had a slight vivid dream, cant recall everything. I’m almost certain it was Belial. He either mentioned it or I somehow just know. I remember being awake in my dream in bed. He’s standing by my bed but looking out the window, not looking at me. May have been holding something, maybe a book I dont know.

I cant recall anything he said except the word “curtain” or “curtains”. I then woke up. I’m trying to interpret the dream and word. It wasn’t scary or horrifying whatsoever.

This dream also occurred after I purchased 2 bottles of red wine. 2…One is opened, the other isn’t. The dream occurred maybe the same night or after. Coincidence? I don’t know. I’m questioning why did I buy 2. Weird because I understand some demons like an offering of wine as well.

Is it possible for a demon or spirit to have an interest in someone and call them through dreams for a future evocation and deeper communication?

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Absolutely possible. And the symbolism of the window and curtains is what stands out. As well as being in bed. Like the phrase “your being awakened and the veil is lifting”. I had a simiar experience in a dream where a spirit woke me from sleep in a bed and had me follow them. Grabbed me by the hand and had me follow them lol. Like they were saying ok silly your not getting the other signs im sending so I’m gonna wake your butt up and take you by the hand and lead you now lmao.