Possible visit by la santa muerte?

So I was doing some… Unsavory stuff and I walked out of my temple and I sit on the couch and I look to my right and I see a tall female floating grim reaper esqe type spirit appear. I was wondering if anyone here has worked with her and could give me insight as to what she’s like? What I could expect if it is her?

She’s very powerful. But she is very jealous. When working with her, her altar needs to separated. You can’t have her mixed with other spirits. Her alter is for her only. She will do what ever you want good or bad. She is Indifrent. She is very strong and powerful. Her spells can drive someone crazy besides the fact of leaving a person dead. She likes Rum, cigar, black coffee, candy, money, flowers, bread, fruits and she will always have her candle. She mainly comes in black, red or white. Her multi color statue is for all purpose. Green, blue, yellow and purple will also be seen. She holds the globe in her hand signifying she travels through the world because death will happen everywhere. She has an owl to see in the most hidden of places. She holds the time because we are all on a time limit in this world and she holds her weapon of choice, the hook( can’t remember what it’s called right now) to swiftly attack or defend.

When working with her for a long time eventually she will get mad at you if you stop serving her and turn all things around in your life. Especially if you just stop serving her just because, for no apparent reason. If you commit to her just know it’s for life. If you will simply just do a working once in a blue(And I mean REAL ONCE IN A BLUE) then you’ll be fine. Ironically you still have to build a relashionship with her.

All said she is a beautiful and loyal spirit to work with. I love her dearly and have worked with her in the past with great result. I’m just not ready to commit to her the way she wants me to.


Please keep in mind that she is very possessive. Thread slowly and lightly.

May “La Niña Blanca” always bless you and protect you.


Thanks for the info, but I’m a dude

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I keep seeing this female reaper figure in my Psychic vision so I was wondering if that could possibly be her, but I’ll do divination and ask for signs on the matter

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Damn!!! So sorry!!!

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It’s ok lol

Did she have a flower of some sort?

No. But when I think of her I think of roses.

The reaper figure or la santa muerte?

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I think she was me…i have a vision or something like it where i was talking to you and i was cloaked in black. It wasnt to harm you i remember saying something about …true light and love.

What’d I look like

However she manifested as a skeleton with a scythe

Hmm maybe not me you saw. I was holding either arose or a lily.

You were in your circle. But i was mostly likely seeing the astral

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My being took a complete outline of bright white light just before i left

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Interesting. Pm me more details?

Being Mexicam and coming from this culture I can tell you right now all the “Niña blanca” whatever stuff is made up. Nobody in mexico or mexican culture calls her that. They have other pet names for her. I know about the Santos Malditos that white outsiders of my culture wouldnt even know the names of or that they exist so its funny to me how everyone thinks they’re called by her now that her ne and imahe is gone public. Sincerely and without exaggeration, the books on her and articles online are literally made up nonsense. This is why lately people have been calling the ones white people work with Santos Plasticos (“plastic saints”) because they are not cargado and they dont even know what they’re claiming or talking about. They just like to claim random things that sound exotic and spooky to their own cultural background lol


I actually need to pm you about those roses.

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Ok anytime

Sorry, but that tells me next to nothing. That describes like half the beings I know of in Necromancy.

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