Possible to Make Own Social Media Page more popular?

Is there a spell to make my own social media pages more popular(mainly instagram)? Or is that not possible? Thanks for any answers and help


Create a servitor to attract people to your social media page.

Search BALG for info on how to do this. It’s actually quite simple.

And/or you can borrow mine:

Empowered with the qualities of the Sun, Jupiter, other planets, Earth Element, used Binah, Algol to empower her. She is very attractive. She is endowed with Common sense and logic and intelligence. Cheerful disposition with a business like attitude and a sense of humor. Also very sensual. Brings in visitors and
encourages them to donate money to your social media page. Yes, she looks like Jennifer Lawrence.


This shit. This is what I’m always complaining about.

Want to be more popular? Be interesting.
There. That’s the mystic secret.
Be interesting and good looking.
Don’t be uninteresting or not good looking.


Magic can boost

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King Paimon, Lucifer, King Belial, Azazel, Duke Barbatos and probably a lot more. Also Lucifuge Rofocale is the god of excess so he can probably bring you an excess amount of followers.


Be yourself. Study how to properly talk and your body language.


Some people put a sigil behind the general layout of the page and it attracts people.


This one youtuber talks about how she puts Aphrodite or Venus sigil on her page, and casts spells on her sites to attract more customers too

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Whats her name?

How would one do that?

Goetia experiences and stories

find a blending tool online and blend the sigil into a profile picture or cover photo to where it’s not obvious or seen but by them looking at the general image the sigil will still work.

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