Possible to get rid of hirsutism with Marbas? or other entities

So I have an incredible amount of hair on my body and from what I’ve read it’s because of an imbalance in hormones / excess male hormones (androgens, testosterone)

I’m a female so it’s really embarrassing and frustrating to have so much hair everywhere and it costs a lot of money and time to keep getting rid of it everyday or every few days depending on where the hair is.

I’m wondering if Marbas or Orias or any other entity is able to balance your hormones and drastically decrease the male hormones to get rid of and minimize all the unwanted hair on my body?

I would like to not have to go through laser hair removals and it costs a lot of money that I don’t have and takes a really long time too.

anyone got experience or read something similar to this?
I think I read something about Orias being able to change DNA and stuff but not sure :thinking:

I only wanna know of entities who can help or your own experiences/ others experiences with similar things. I’ve tried searching for this but didn’t find much more than of Marbas being able to heal but I don’t know if this counts as healing and of Orias or if it was Orobas being able to shape your body/ change your body if this counts or no

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I don’t know but if you believe your hormones are imbalanced, I would get a medical examination. Sometimes it’s a simple as a dietary change, other times things like birth control help.

My daughter is hairy all over, and it’s due to being mixed raced, and nothing more.

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I think for hormonal imbalance issues, I would ask Lilith, Naamah, Ishtar or Astarte.


Yeah I will get checked as well but would be nice to not have to go on birth control pills and it also costs money just to get checked so I wanted to avoid now that I don’t have a lot of money.

also I’m asking even if it’s just natural because if it’s natural I still need to get rid of it somehow I can’t keep up with this and it’s not just because it’s annoying and costs money but it is decreasing my confidence and I’m always thinking about it every day. I forgot the words for it but it’s draining me mentally having to always be scared somebody see’s my hair, feeling embarrassed, not wanting to show my body or have certain clothes on etc. It’s so much to deal with. I always worry about it and it really sucks when I live in a country with girls who barely have any hairs on their body.

I want to get rid of it for me of course. I hate it and I don’t want it.

Do you believe they can help with hairs or know of others who may be able to?


In my opinion it depends on the source. If you are like my daughter and it’s just a natural genetic part of life- unlikely as it’s cosmetic, they’d be more likely to teach you to love who you or, or point out mundane ways to deal with the problem.

If it’s hormonal and healing is needed, possibly.

If it’s hormonal and it’s your diet or like factors you may find them showing you things you can and should consume, habits to take up to help etc.

My daughters always been hairy, so when she was eight I was in the shower with her teaching her to shave her legs so she wouldn’t get made fun etc.

At 15 she plucks her mustache and in between her brows because bleach is not good for you in her imop, and doesn’t remove the problem, and waxing hurts.

She had hairy arms and just deals with it (other than to bitch at me) and a happy trail etc. it’s not even noticeable to me, but to her it’s a big deal.

At home laser treatments are thing, but I’d look into the healthy versus genetics before I got drastic or expensive.

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I do both waxing and shaving. I shave my face, pluck my moustache, wax the sides of my face and under my chin/throat which grows out within a day even when I wax. I wax my chest, my belly, shave between my legs and my legs and my arms. wax armpits… shits expensive and time consuming having to do it weekly/ daily and especially now during the summer like it’s ruining so much imo.

lol one thing I will not do is accept it there is no way. I’m on my way of loving myself but I will never accept this hair. I’m going to get checked once I lose the weight because I read that it may help if there’s imbalance.

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Hi Angeela. Have you tried Energy fields?

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Her you go. This is Maitreya and she is one of the best field creators that i know of.

She creates thies fields with the energy of source.

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never tried that. have you or do you know of others who’ve tried it?

I’ve very recently worked with president Marbas to do the reverse. My cat was losing patches of fur. He healed the skin infection and now new hair is growing. I think he could do the opposite for you. Why not.

If you took this to prince Orobas I would phrase it as a request for dignities. I work with him all the time.

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You can try archangel raphael why not , he can deal with all this :slight_smile: good luck

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I am hairy as fuck, but I have learned to remove some of it and ignore the rest.

It might be worth asking your doctor to check you for PCOS, even if you don’t have any of the other symptoms.

I have never called upon a demon to deal with my body hair, but I got a lot of tattoos and piercings and did other things to make my body “mine” and now I don’t really think of the excessive hair anymore.

Maybe you could also ask for help accepting your body hair.

Also, best advice: Just shave or thread your mustache, it is way easier and if you keep up on it, nobody will notice. Wax areas with tougher skin like your cheeks. Waxing your upper lip will lead to inflammation, open pores, acne, etc. Bleaching it just gives you a blonde mustache which is way more noticeable.

I’ve also met some hairy Swedish girls, lol they’re just removing it too. It was actually my friend from Sweden who made me comfortable with shaving my sideburns.

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They probably all shave too. Also I’ll bet some have embarrassing areas where they have to shave but of course they won’t tell you they do. As you know the subject can be embarrassing for us girls for some stupid reason. Which I’m also guilty of but hair is natural and nothing to be ashamed of.

My Italian side is prominent in me so I have to shave as well. I don’t really know any women who don’t honestly.

The good thing is there is a fix (shaving) albeit temporary but at least the option exists. I think you’re just being too hard on yourself!

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Go to the doctor. It might be genetic

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Yes i use energy fields evey day. There is some realy good creators out there. :grin:

Spiritualityzone is my go to for everyday use.

Its nice to see more swedish people on the forum. :wink:

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yeah I am going to a doctorthis summer

If you don’t mind doing DIY laser hair removal, it’s possible to find YAG models of lasers for under $2k, which is far cheaper than paying others to do it. Just be careful, start at a low setting, work your way up in power/wavelength, and wear eye protection. It’s what I’m doing to remove my remaining body hair, since I already ended up spending over $3k on hair removal sessions that didn’t quite get everything. Electrolysis is also an option, is far less painful, and is guaranteed to kill the targeted hairs. Unfortunately there aren’t really any other options, and Marbas would most likely tell you the same thing.